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The objective of this informational notice is to provide a quarry operator details as to what defines unauthorized removal of quarry minerals and the consequences of unauthorized removal.

The objective of this informational notice is to define what constitutes a stockpile of quarry minerals, when stockpiles are allowed, the ownership of stockpiles and when payable royalty fees and rehabilitation levies are calculated.

To ensure financial transparency, accountability, consistency and the monitoring of operations, and commencing on the date of this notice, royalty and rehabilitation levies become payable when quarry minerals are disturbed from their original position within a quarry mineral disposition.

Informational Notice 2023 - 012 - EXEMPTION CERTIFICATES
To ensure financial transparency, accountability, consistency and the monitoring of operations, and commencing on the date of this notice, royalty and rehabilitation levies become payable when quarry minerals are disturbed from their original position within a quarry mineral disposition.


Mineral Exploration Licences & Mining Claims

We understand that this is a very challenging time for the industry, therefore, we are offering a one year Extension of Time on all Mining Claims and Mineral Exploration Licences (MEL) that expire prior to April 30, 2021. This does not include dispositions in Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) areas, where further information is required. An extension will allow the holder additional time to meet their work requirements, or pay cash-in-lieu of work.

Eligible claims and MELs will automatically be extended and the expiry date will be reflected in iMaQs. Please be patient, as it will take some time to complete all extensions. To confirm your disposition status, please see iMaQs.

If you require further assistance, please email mines_br@gov.mb.ca.


  • All claims and MELs, which fall outside of TLE selected areas, that expire between May 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021.
  • There is no fee or application required on all eligible dispositions, as this is a response to COVID-19. Fees will remain for all other Extensions of Time issued under The Mines and Minerals Act.
  • If your disposition falls within a TLE selected area and you wish to apply for an Extension of Time, please email mines_br@gov.mb.ca for further instruction.

Further information regarding an Extension of Time can be found here.

Manitoba has extended double work assessment credits for all eligible exploration expenses up to December 31, 2020 to help companies explore through these challenging economic times. If you require further information, please contact the Assessment and Consultation Geologist, Shaun Gallagher by email at Shaun.Gallagher@gov.mb.ca.

Effective immediately: All Private Aggregate Applications must be accompanied by a Land Title Certificate and sent to the Mines Branch. The copy must be dated within the last 30 days. To request a copy, please contact The Property Registry at tprclient@tprmb.ca, via phone at 1-844-737-5684 or visit www.tprmb.ca.
Online Private Aggregate Applications submitted today are for the current year. Applications for the following year must be made on or after January 1st.

The use of ink stamps in the act of staking a claim has been brought to the attention of Mines Branch. Please click here for a letter outlining Mines Branch’s position on the use of such tools.

The Mines Branch has instituted a new application rejection policy effective April 1, 2015. The policy is aimed at incomplete applications that slow down processing of applications that are complete. When an application is rejected the application fees will be returned whenever possible. Further information and a listing of reasons for application rejection can be found here.

Previous Informational Notices
Important notices and regulatory information which may affect claims and staking.



Quarry Rehabilitation on Private and Municipal Land Program

The Manitoba government has implemented a Quarry Rehabilitation on Private Land Program to rehabilitate depleted quarries and pits on private land. Learn more about the program.


Manitoba – First Nations Mineral Development Protocol

In May 2019, the Manitoba government released the Manitoba – First Nations Mineral Development Action Plan as a detailed response to the Co-Chairs’ Report on the Manitoba – First Nations Mineral Development Protocol, which was released in June 2018. The Action Plan includes several highlights including a Shared Management Approach to identify opportunities to work in partnership with First Nations on the strategic development of mineral resources, a reconciliation approach to orphaned and abandoned mine site rehabilitation, an Indigenous Mineral Education program, a Proponent Guide to Indigenous Engagement, and more. View the Action Plan and Co-Chairs' reports


Acts and Regulations
The complete text for The Mines and Minerals Act, as well as other acts, and accompanying regulations.

iMaQs - Integrated Mining and Quarrying System
iMaQs allows you to submit applications and maintain your dispositions from any computer connected to the Internet.

Information on mineral development programs in the province.

Procedures for Crown Consultation with Aboriginal Communities (draft)
The Government of Manitoba recognizes it has a duty to consult in a meaningful way with First Nations, Métis communities and other Aboriginal communities when any proposed provincial law, regulation, decision or action may infringe upon or adversely affect the exercise of an aboriginal right or treaty right of that Aboriginal community.

Assessment Information
Now available on-line, see the GIS Map Gallery.

Manitoba Minerals Guideline
Provides the framework for relationship-building between First Nations, the Métis Nation, Northern Communities, Government and Minerals Industry of Manitoba.

Land Access and Sustainable Development
To help plan your exploration program go to the land access map for basic land use and land tenure information affecting access for mineral exploration.

GIS Map Gallery
Examine interactive maps in our GIS Map Gallery, including Manitoba Mineral Dispositions, Assessment & Mineral Disposition History, and Geology.

Application Forms - Prospecting and Mining
All forms necessary to prospect and/or mine minerals (other than quarry minerals) in Manitoba under The Mines and Minerals Act and Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation.

Application Forms - Quarrying
Applications and other related forms for mining crown quarry minerals and privately owned aggregate minerals are available online.
.Conservation FAQs Regarding Quarrying

Staking Requirements
A brief guide on how to stake a claim in Manitoba.

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