Amendments to the Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act were proposed in May, 2022, which would require hotels, temporary accommodations and operators of taxis and online ride sharing platforms to immediately report suspected human trafficking to police.

Amendments to the Child and Family Services Act were proposed in May 2022, which would apply protective orders for both children in care and not in care who require protection from contact with someone.

Amendments to the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act were proposed in March 2022, which would enhance discretion when providing support to the families of deceased victims of crime who may otherwise have been ineligible, as well as the right to free legal counsel for victims in sexual assault criminal cases.

In March, 2022, Manitoba’s Path to Reconciliation Act was amended to establish the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls for Justice as a key component of its approach to advancing truth and reconciliation. The Path to Reconciliation Act was the first reconciliation legislation of its kind in Canada.

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Awareness Day Act was proclaimed on June 2, 2017. The Act identifies October 4 as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Honouring and Awareness Day in Manitoba. 

The Protecting Children (Information) Sharing Act was established in 2016 and enabled information sharing across government departments, organizations, and service providers to better protect at-risk children and youth.

The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act amended the Advanced Education Administration Act and the Private Vocational Institutions Act in 2017. Under this Act all post-secondary institutions within Manitoba are required to adopt and implement policies that raise awareness of sexual violence and address prevention and reporting.

The Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act was enacted in 2012 to provide necessary tools to protect individuals from human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

The Employment Standards Code was amended in 2019 to broaden domestic violence leave to include victims of interpersonal violence.