Lighthouses Program

LighthousesLighthouses is a crime-prevention program managed by Manitoba Justice.

Effective youth programming will include the three "S's":

  • Structured programming
  • Effective supervision
  • Skill-building activities

Prevention research supports that it is important to provide children and youth with positive and supervised activities when school is out and on weekends. Lighthouses were designed to help communities develop and deliver effective programs for children and youth during these critical times. Examples of the programs include recreation, art, music, cultural programming, etc.

Lighthouses support children and youth in high-need neighbourhoods. Staff consults with community members, justice personnel and other stakeholders to decide on the best locations for Lighthouses sites.

Lighthouses uses community facilities like schools and recreation centres for activities identified and organized by local children, youth and community members.

The Lighthouses program:

  • supports community activities
  • encourages partnerships among children, youth, families, community and justice representatives (police, probation)
  • helps communities to design and deliver programs by children and youth, for children and youth
  • includes activities with academic support and skill-building
  • supports and encourages inter-agency co-operation in program delivery
  • helps communities find funds for programs

Lighthouses can have tremendous benefits for participants. Statistics Canada observes that children and youth who participate in organized activities outside of school tend to have higher self-esteem, interact better with friends and perform better in school.

Lighthouses offer positive environments and operate in many communities throughout Manitoba. Activities normally take place at least once a week.

Project Ideas

Lighthouses programs rely on community steering committees to discover needs and make decisions about programming. The committees include youth representatives and community residents.


Lighthouse Program
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