CELL Program

The Cellphone Emergency Limited Link-up Program provides extra protection for people who are at a high risk due to Intimate Partner Violence or stalking.

  • The program lends victims free BellMTS cell phones at times of extreme risk.
  • Victims who have their own cell phones may also register for the program using their personal cell phone numbers.

Victims of Intimate Partner Violence or stalking, who are eligible for the program, must have a protection plan in place. The CELL Program is a co-operative effort between BellMTS, social services agencies, police services and Manitoba Justice – Victim Services, and is available everywhere in Manitoba.


To qualify for the program, clients must meet the conditions of Manitoba Justice’s client agreement. Clients must:

  • be at a high risk due to Intimate Partner Violence or stalking
  • have a protection plan
  • live in an area where cell phone service is available
  • make a formal complaint to the police
  • agree to have police charge the offender after an emergency call
  • hold, or have applied for, a restraining or protective order (Undertaking, Recognizance, Peace Bond, Protection Order or Prevention Order)
  • understand that the CELL Program is a short-term program
  • understand that the BellMTS phone issued to victims will be returned when it is no longer needed
  • not be living with the offender/accused

For more information about the CELL Program and how it can be a part of a safety plan, contact us at 1-866-4-VICTIM (484-2846) or 204-945-6851