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Form A Memorandum of General Information Required on all Proceedings Form A (PDF) Form A (Word)
Form B Originally Qualifying Information of Union Form B (PDF) Form B (Word)
Form C Employer's Return Upon Application for Certification Form C (PDF) Form C (Word)
Form 1 Application for Certification Form 1 (PDF) Form 1 (Word)
Form V Notice of Intervention Form V (PDF) Form V (Word)
Form VIII Application for Cancellation of Certification Form VIII (PDF) Form VIII (Word)
Form IX Application for Termination of Bargaining Rights Form IX (PDF) Form IX (Word)
Form X Application for Board Determination Under Sections 76(3) and 77 of the Act (Religious Objector) Form X (PDF) Form X (Word)
Form XI Application for Amended Certificate Form XI (PDF) Form XI (Word)
Form XII Application for Settlement of a First Collective Agreement Form XII (PDF) Form XII (Word)
Form XIII Unfair Labour Practice Form XIII (PDF) Form XIII (Word)
Form XV Referral of Grievance Under Section 130 of the Act Form XV (PDF) Form XV (Word)
Form XVII Application for a Permit under Section 21 (Rule 21(3)) Form XVII (PDF) Form XVII (Word)
Form XX Application Alleging an Unfair Labour Practice Contrary to Section 20 Form XX (PDF) Form XX (Word)

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