Although the Labour Division is relatively small in size, it is responsible for one of the largest legislative bases in government. The Division has three core business areas, which flow from the legislation and the Division’s mandate:

  1. Promotion of safety, health and fair and equitable treatment in the workplace:

    The Workplace Safety & Health Act
    The Construction Industry Wages Act
    The Employment Standards Code
    The Worker Recruitment and Protection Act
    The Remembrance Day Act
    The Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act
    The Pay Equity Act
    The Workers Compensation Act (Section 108)
    The International Labour Cooperation Agreements Implementation Act

  2. Enhancement of public safety:

    The Amusements Act (Part II)*
    The Electricians Licence Act*
    The Gas and Oil Burner Act*
    The Power Engineers Act*
    The Steam and Pressure Plants Act*
    The Elevator Act*

    *Note: These Acts are in the process of being replaced by the Technical Safety Act and will be repealed once the relevant section(s) of the new Act comes into force.

    The Buildings and Mobile Homes Act
    The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act

  3. Fostering of a stable labour relations climate:

    The Labour Relations Act
    The Firefighters and Paramedics Arbitration Act

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