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Our content is arranged by date.

Hansards from the current month are accessible via the calendar on the Hansard page.

debates and proceedings

Hover over the highlighted dates for a list of that day's transcripts and select one by clicking on the links to either the html or pdf versions.

Older Hansards are available via our House and Committee Debates / Index page.

Transcripts of the speeches from the previous day's proceedings in the Chamber are generally available online by 10:30 a.m. and our fully searchable content goes back to 1958—the first year Hansard was published in Manitoba.

The general search box at the top of the page returns a list of hyperlinked results that will include Hansard texts.

Hansard help in more detail

Need help finding what you're looking for? Here are some tips to help you explore Hansard on this website.

Search by subject: House and committee indexes

Use our detailed indexes of both House and committee proceedings. You can link directly to the House index for the current session on the Hansard page using the Current House Index button. Previous House and committee indexes are available on the House and Committee Debates / Index page. Look for the column that says "Index".

Search by date

All Manitoba Hansards are available online on our House and Committee Debates / Index page. The content is arranged by Legislatures (which start fresh with every provincial election), then by sessions (which start with each Throne Speech), and then by date.

Alternatively, you can go straight to a specific Legislature by using the shortcuts on the left-hand sidebar. Just click on the relevant date range and it will take you straight to the relevant portion of the House and Committee Debates / Index page.

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