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Municipal Relations will be investing over $20.0M in community development for the 2018-19 fiscal year. We are excited to announce a streamlined, updated single window intake for the following five Community Development programs:  Community Places Program, Hometown Manitoba, Neighbourhoods Alive! Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, Neighbourhoods Alive! Community Initiatives and Partner 4 Growth.

Applications for the projects were submitted through a single window intake that closed May 28, 2018. Grant funding will be based on completion of identified and approved eligible project expenses incurred on or before March 31, 2019.

Successful applications will be on planning, building and sustaining communities that address one of the five following areas:

  • Projects that support women's empowerment / support women in vulnerable situations; 
  • Projects that enable economic development / align with regional development strategies;  
  • Key repair of high priority assets;  
  • Community Initiatives - community, heritage, tourism and recreation facilities and projects;
  • Social Innovation - examples include support for social enterprises, projects that include a social return on investment (SROI) evaluation and projects that target measurable social outcomes. 

As overarching criteria, the application must meet at least four of the following:

  • Addresses one or more of the five provincial priorities (noted above)
  • Includes a partnership of two or more organizations
  • Leverages other funds (e.g. private, community, other level of government)
  • Identifies clear outcome goals as well as measures to assess success
  • Clear demonstration of the value for investment (return on investment/social return on investment analysis)
  • First time applicant

Projects that meet the overarching criteria will then be considered under individual program criteria.  For Neighbourhoods Alive! these include:

  • Addresses at least 2 of the 8 Community Economic Development principles established by the program
    • Local Employment and Decision Making
    • Local Economic Linkages
    • Reinvests Profits back into the Community
    • Local Knowledge and Skill Development
    • Positive Environmental Impact
    • Health and Well Being
    • Neighbourhood Stability and Community Cohesion
    • Human Dignity
  • Confirmation of need
  • Operates within a designated community 

What is Neighbourhoods Alive!?

Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!) is a long-term, community-based, social and economic development strategy, which recognizes that building healthy neighbourhoods requires more than an investment in bricks and mortar. Neighbourhoods Alive! supports and encourages community-driven revitalization efforts in designated neighbourhoods across Manitoba in a number of key areas, including:  

  • employment and training
  • education and recreation
  • safety and crime prevention
  • housing and physical improvements 

Neighbourhoods Alive! provides community organizations in designated neighbourhoods/communities with the support they need to revitalize their neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods Alive! recognizes that often the best ideas for neighbourhood revitalization come from the community itself. The aim of Neighbourhoods Alive! is to support community ideas and goals with funding and planning assistance.

Neighbourhoods Alive! works with:

  • residents
  • community groups
  • schools
  • businesses and
  • other local organizations

Together Neighbourhoods Alive! and community partners build on the strengths and experiences of communities, taking into account the distinctive needs, conditions and priorities of individual neighbourhoods.


What are the Neighbourhoods Alive! programs? 


Under the coordination of the Neighbourhoods Alive! initiative, organizations can access funding and other resources that support neighbourhood revitalization efforts. These resources include programs targeted to designated Neighbourhoods Alive! neighbourhoods: the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund and Community Initiatives Program.

Other resources under Neighbourhoods Alive! include: Neighbourhood Development Assistance, Neighbourhood Housing Assistance, Training Initiatives, Lighthouses, Urban Art Centres and School Resource Officers.


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