Below you will find links to recent publications that Gender Equity Manitoba has published or contributed to. These documents cover a range of issues, and share knowledge, information and resources with women in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s Framework: Addressing Gender–Based Violence (December 2020)

In December 2020, the Gender-Based Violence Committee of Cabinet released “Manitoba’s Framework: Addressing Gender-Based Violence”. The framework builds on the Manitoba government’s commitment and actions to address gender-based violence, and outlines how our government is organizing itself to address this critical issue in the near future.

Addressing gender-based violence is not the responsibility of one department or organization; it requires a whole-of-government approach in partnership with other levels of government and community. The Gender-Based Violence Committee of Cabinet was established in December 2018 to ensure collaboration across government and community to address gender-based violence.

Manitoba has some of the highest rates of gender-based violence, and their impacts are broad and far-reaching. Violence can affect victims’ short and long term physical health, psychological/mental health, relationships, ability to work or continue with school, can lead to poverty or homelessness, and can have ripple effects on those around them.

The framework is rooted in the research, principles and recommendations of several reports and feedback and advice from community stakeholders, including a stakeholder engagement process in October 2020. The framework directly reflects recommendations from these engagements. Please see the Approach and Priorities for Addressing Gender-Based Violence: What We Heard (PDF) report for a summary of the October 2020 engagement.

The document outlines key priorities organized in the themes of prevention, support and intervention and is a starting point for the ongoing work and discussions on this complex and multi-faceted issue. As work proceeds, and ongoing discussions and engagements occur, emerging needs will continue to be identified and we commit to ongoing dialogue with people impacted by gender-based violence. The activities will change and adapt as we move through this work and continue to learn through the expertise of stakeholders and community partners.

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Summary of Roundtable Discussion – Domestic Violence Prevention Month (November 2016)

On November 24, 2016 Minister Rochelle Squires hosted a roundtable with domestic violence service providers from across Manitoba. The discussion focused on three key areas pertaining to youth, healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention. The purpose of the roundtable was to gain insight from the community about domestic violence prevention approaches. Learn more by reading a summary of the discussion.

Summary of Domestic Violence Roundtable Discussion – November 2016 (PDF)

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Sexual Violence Knowledge Exchange: Summary Report (2016)

On Wednesday, June 1, 2015, the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Status of Women Forum hosted a Sexual Violence Knowledge Exchange in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The event featured speakers from across Canada and represented the diverse perspectives of academics, community-based organizations, service providers and youth leaders. The event was designed to raise awareness and understanding of sexual violence in the Canadian context.

Sexual Violence Knowledge Exchange: Summary Report (2016)

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Winnipeg Safe City Scoping Study (2016)

In 2013, Winnipeg was selected as the first city in Canada to join UN Women's Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative to reduce sexual violence against women and girls. The Safe Cities Initiative supports innovative approaches to preventing and reducing harassment and sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces.

Gender Equity Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg are partnering with UN Women, representatives from the Winnipeg Police Service and community groups on this initiative. After signing onto the initiative, Gender Equity Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg and community and government representatives established the Winnipeg Safe City Steering Committee. The Winnipeg Safe City steering committee identified a five neighbourhood site to target efforts to address this serious crime.

This publication is a comprehensive research report examining the prevalence and experiences of sexual violence in Winnipeg. The report was co-led by Gender Equity Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg on behalf of the Winnipeg Safe City steering committee.

Winnipeg Safe City - Scoping Study (PDF) (Available for download only)

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Break the Silence on Violence brochure (2015)

This brochure lists services available in Manitoba to help families affected by family violence/domestic violence.

Dealing with Domestic Violence or Family Violence brochure (PDF)

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Be More than a Bystander. Break the Silence on Violence Against Women.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Manitoba government are working together to help stop violence against women.

Break the Silence on Violence Against Women poster (PDF)

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Issue Brief: Sexual Violence in Canada (2015)

This Issue Brief was commissioned by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Senior Officials for the Status of Women. The purpose of this issue brief is to provide a comprehensive picture of what is known about sexual violence against women in Canada.

Issue Brief: Sexual Violence in Canada (PDF)

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4 Girls Only! (2014)

October 11th of each year is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the rights of girls in Manitoba and across the globe. To mark 2014’s United Nations International Day of the Girl, Gender Equity Manitoba launched a new edition of its educational resource for girls, 4 Girls Only!

4 Girls Only!

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Women in Policing (2014)

Gender Equity Manitoba was pleased to partner with the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Training Conference organizers and the Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Status of Women Forum to support “Advancing Women in Policing at All Levels: A Discussion Forum.” As part of the 52nd annual IAWP Training Conference, this dynamic forum brought together leading minds currently working to support and advance the participation of women in policing. Panelists discussed best practices and strategies for engaging women in policing occupations at all levels.

Gender Equity Manitoba released the discussion document: Women and Policing in Canada: A Status Brief and Discussion Paper prior to the event.

Women and Policing in Canada: A Status Brief and Discussion (PDF)

Gender Equity Manitoba, along with FPT Status of Women partners, is now pleased to share the report from the discussion forum: Advancing Women in Policing at All Levels: Summary Report.

Advancing Women in Policing at All Levels: Summary Report (PDF)

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Promote Positive Images of Women: Responsible Marketing and Media (2013)

Media is a powerful force in shaping society’s attitudes and perceptions. The sexualization of women and girls in the media is a major concern to many individuals and women’s groups in our province. The Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council (MWAC) has developed the Promote Positive Images of Women: Responsible Marketing and Media paper as a CALL TO ACTION for individuals and groups to ensure media images of women are positive and empowering.

Promote Positive Images of Women: Responsible Marketing and Media (PDF)

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Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends (2013)

On February 25, 2013, Statistics Canada released Measuring violence against women: Statistical trends (PDF). The report marks the third time the FPT Status of Women forum has worked with Statistics Canada in providing Canadians with data on this issue.

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