Below you will find links to recent publications that Gender Equity Manitoba has published or contributed to. These documents cover a range of issues, and share knowledge, information and resources with women in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s Framework: Addressing Gender–Based Violence (December 2020)

In December 2020, the Gender-Based Violence Committee of Cabinet released “Manitoba’s Framework: Addressing Gender-Based Violence”. The framework builds on the Manitoba government’s commitment and actions to address gender-based violence, and outlines how our government is organizing itself to address this critical issue in the near future.

Addressing gender-based violence is not the responsibility of one department or organization; it requires a whole-of-government approach in partnership with other levels of government and community. The Gender-Based Violence Committee of Cabinet was established in December 2018 to ensure collaboration across government and community to address gender-based violence.

Manitoba has some of the highest rates of gender-based violence, and their impacts are broad and far-reaching. Violence can affect victims’ short and long term physical health, psychological/mental health, relationships, ability to work or continue with school, can lead to poverty or homelessness, and can have ripple effects on those around them.

The framework is rooted in the research, principles and recommendations of several reports and feedback and advice from community stakeholders, including a stakeholder engagement process in October 2020. The framework directly reflects recommendations from these engagements. Please see the Approach and Priorities for Addressing Gender-Based Violence: What We Heard (PDF) report for a summary of the October 2020 engagement.

The document outlines key priorities organized in the themes of prevention, support and intervention and is a starting point for the ongoing work and discussions on this complex and multi-faceted issue. As work proceeds, and ongoing discussions and engagements occur, emerging needs will continue to be identified and we commit to ongoing dialogue with people impacted by gender-based violence. The activities will change and adapt as we move through this work and continue to learn through the expertise of stakeholders and community partners.

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In Brief: National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

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