Medical Review Committee


The Medical Review Committee provides an appeal process in cases where a person’s driver’s licence has been suspended, cancelled or refused on medical grounds by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. In making their decision, the Committee must ensure that in all cases the safety of the general public is considered above the exceptional hardship that will result if the suspension, cancellation or refusal to issue a licence remains in effect.

The Highway Traffic Act further provides for the Medical Review Committee to hear appeals in cases where a physically disabled person’s parking permit has been denied or cancelled by Manitoba Possible.


The Medical Review Committee conducts hearings and determines whether the standards, as set out by the Canadian Medical Association and the National Safety Code (PDF), are applied in a fair and equitable manner, and whether an exception to the rule may be made. The Committee may confirm, quash or vary the decision of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or Manitoba Possible.

Application Process

When filing an Appeal Application with the Medical Review Committee, please ensure to include the following:

  1. Appeal Application (PDF) - fully completed, signed and dated.
  2. Copy of the Notice from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Manitoba Public Insurance or Manitoba Possible
  3. Non-Refundable Application Fee of $50.00:
    • By mail: cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance
    • In person: cash, cheque, money order, debit, MasterCard or Visa
    • E-transfer available. Please contact the office for instructions.

Applications submitted without the proper documentation and/or payment will not be accepted.

Hearing Process

The Medical Review Committee schedules hearings on a quarterly basis. As such, it may take approximately 6 months for a hearing to be scheduled once a completed application is accepted.

While you are waiting for a hearing date, you may wish to consider completing any evaluations requested by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or provide any outstanding medical reports requested by Driver Fitness, Manitoba Public Insurance.

Once your appeal is next to be scheduled, you will receive a "Notice of Hearing" with a confirmed date, time and location of the hearing. The "Notice of Hearing" will be sent to you in the mail via Canada Post approximately two to three (2-3) weeks prior to your hearing date.

You can expect to be at the hearing for up to 30 minutes at which time you will meet with three (3) members of the Medical Review Committee to discuss the reason for your appeal. The Committee will also give you an opportunity to explain your needs for a driver’s licence and what types of activities require you to drive (i.e. attending medical appointments, obtaining groceries, employment, taking children to school, etc.).


Upon hearing an appeal, the Medical Review Committee may require an Appellant to undergo further driving assessments, medical examinations or to produce medical reports from qualified medical practitioners. Payment for such further medical examinations or assessments is the responsibility of the Appellant. The Committee will receive evidence and arguments submitted by the Appellant, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (or Manitoba Possible), or both, and will consider the evidence and arguments, as they think fair and just, and may confirm, quash or vary the decision of the Registrar or Manitoba Possible. The decision of the Medical Review Committee is final.

Notification of the decision by the Medical Review Committee will be sent to the Appellant via Canada Post approximately three to four (3-4) weeks following the hearing.

All enquiries and correspondence related to the committee should be directed to:

Medical Review Committee

200 - 301 Weston Street
Winnipeg MB R3E 3H4
Phone: (204) 945-7350
Fax: (204) 948-2682

Our office is open to the public, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., except holidays.
Please note, our office is closed weekdays from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.