Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division provides executive management and comptrollership of the department to ensure effective program delivery and appropriate utilization of departmental resources, including: finance, strategy, policy, information management, information technology, and workplace safety and health. Develops legislation and regulatory initiatives, strategies, policies, plans and programs to sustainably manage, protect and build Manitoba’s infrastructure.

Corporate Services Division consists of the following business areas; Corporate Strategy & Planning, Finance & Administration, Health & Safety, Information Technology & GIS, Issues Management, and Policy, Programs & Regulation.

This division provides administrative oversight for the Medical Review Committee, the License Suspension Appeal Board, and financial management of the Disaster Assistance Appeal Board.


Corporate Strategy & Planning

Corporate Strategy & Planning leads strategy and planning activities in support of the department, including organizational change strategy & transformation; Council of Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Transportation and Highway Safety and related federal-provincial processes; horizontal integration requirements supporting departmental delivery; and, strategic initiatives related to economic and social development.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration maintain an active comptrollership function by ensuring that financial and administrative policies, procedures and reporting systems are developed and administered in support of legislative and government decision making. Provide central financial management services, maintain the comptrollership function and provide support related to financial administration policies and procedures. Provide support to the divisional and departmental administrative policies and processes.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety manages risks to the safety, health, and well-being of employees, visitors, and the public arising out of work activities performed by or on behalf of the department. Provides the department’s safety management system, hearing conservation program, along with health and wellness programming. Oversees the department’s claims and risk management, incident and injury claims, and policies and procedures. Audit work areas, conduct Certificate of Recognition Program and Safe Work Certified Program audits to ensure compliance with applicable federal and provincial workplace safety and health acts and regulations. Coordinates the development and testing of the department’s business continuity plan.

Indigenous Consultation

Indigenous Consultation conducts meaningful Indigenous engagement and collects input from Indigenous communities and organizations to ensure that projects and programs move forward in a respectful and productive manner. Maintains good working relations with communities in a manner that contributes to advancing reconciliation. 

Information Technology & Geographic Information System (IT & GIS)

Information Technology & Geographic Information System (IT & GIS) provides information management, project management support, consultative services and centralized GIS support to all branches and business units in the department. Provides support to business units from the conception of a business improvement opportunity or from the identification of a new or changed business requirement through implementation of an appropriate and cost effective solution. Defines standards, policies and procedures related to GIS and GIS data quality, as well as representing the Manitoba Infrastructure department on government, provincial and national GIS focused committees and working groups. Responsible for the department’s Internet-intranet presence and conducts business process analysis with recommendations of change or improvement as appropriate.

Issues Management

Issues Management prioritizes and proactively addresses public policy, operational and reputation issues that can affect the public trust, by identifying, tracking, and influencing citizen-centre service delivery within legislative and regulatory responsibilities. Provides the department specialized administrative services and support in the areas of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, records management, and proactive disclosure. Plans, develops and coordinates the department’s balanced scorecard, reporting and alignment to the provincial balanced scorecard and key government strategies. Coordinates and develops the department’s major information documents required for planning, reporting and evaluation.

Policy, Programs & Regulation

Policy, Programs & Regulation provides analysis, develops policy options and programs, and provides strategic advice to government related to infrastructure and transportation. This branch leads the evaluation and development of provincial acts and regulations under the Minister of Infrastructure’s responsibility, and coordinates regulatory accountability and department efforts to reduce red tape and regulatory burden.

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Corporate Services Division
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