Variation to a Conditional Driver’s Licence

If there are any changes in your life that will affect the conditions of your driver’s licence (such as a change of address, employer, work hours), then you will need to immediately apply for a variation of your Board Order. Processing for an Application for Variation takes approximately two (2) to four (4) for a complete application.

You will need to provide the following:

  1. A fully completed Application for Variation (PDF, 90 KB)
  2. Non-Refundable Application Fee of $75.00
    • By mail: cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance
    • In person: cash, cheque, money order, debit, MasterCard or Visa
    • E-transfer available, please contact the office for instructions.
  3. A copy of your current driver’s abstract from MPI dated within 15 days of your application filing date
  4. Written documentation supporting your request for any driving privileges in accordance with the Documentation Requirements (PDF, 222 KB)

The Board will only consider the written information provided with the application and generally there is no Hearing for a variation request. When submitting your Application for Variation (PDF, 90 KB, you will need to be clear and specific. Include each of the following:

  1. The current conditions listed on your Board Order that you are requesting be changed/removed.
  2. The new conditions that you would like the Board to consider.
  3. Supporting documentation - for example, new address, effective date, new employer with name and location, change of work hours.
  4. Provide some explanation about the exceptional hardship that will occur if your request is not granted.