Pavement Engineering

Pavement Engineering Section is responsible for:

  • developing pavement structural designs and construction strategies for new pavements
  • assessing structural adequacies of existing pavements, developing designs and recommending construction strategies for strengthening and rehabilitation and/or reconstruction
  • conducting pavement overweight impact assessments
  • evaluating special vehicles permit requests
  • administering the spring road restrictions and highway winter seasonal weights programs
  • managing pavement structure and condition assessment programs to determine structural adequacy and ride quality for pavement management purposes and to determine spring weight restriction needs
  • managing field and laboratory pavement research projects to assess and implement new methods and procedures
  • developing design standards and guidelines through the evaluation of pavements and new developments.
  • evaluating and recommending the allowable axle weights for different vehicle, tire and axle configurations, including their seasonal limitations, for the development of vehicle weights and dimensions standards.

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