Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

An incident or accident involving the transportation of dangerous goods must be reported immediately. Contact:

  1. Manitoba Environment 204-945-4888
  2. The employer of the person in charge of the dangerous goods
  3. The owner(s) of the dangerous goods and the vehicle
  4. CANUTEC (Canadian Transport Emergency Centre): 1-888-226-8832 or 613-996-6666  

Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement Officers are certified Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspectors. The transportation of dangerous goods is heavily regulated and there are many rules that a company must follow in order to ensure the safe handling and transport of these items.

Any drivers that are engaged in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods must be properly trained and certified to transport dangerous goods. The company must keep a record of the training each driver has received, and a copy of the driver’s training certificate.

It is important to note that each company has to certify their own drivers to transport dangerous goods. If a driver has been certified by one employer, they would not be authorized to transport dangerous goods for another employer without being certified again through that employer.

Parts one through nine of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation relate to carriers who own or operate a regulated vehicle.