Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement badge

Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement (MMCE)

Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement works to promote safe and sustainable truck and coach operations on Manitoba's highways. This is accomplished through the efforts of Motor Carrier Enforcement Officers (MCEOs) deployed at eight fixed weigh stations, and across 16 Highway Patrol territories throughout the province.

MCEOs protect Manitoban's investment in infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, by monitoring industry compliance with weights and dimensions.

MMCE is the lead agency in Manitoba responsible for conducting Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) roadside inspections, which places unsafe vehicles and drivers out of service until the dangerous conditions are remedied.

MCEOs also ensure industry compliance in areas such as driver/vehicle licensing; vehicle fitness; cargo securement; hours of service; transportation of dangerous goods legislation; and Highway Traffic Act offences.

MCEOs are regularly engaged to participate in educational seminars, trade shows and events to assist industry partners in the understanding and application of the Acts, Regulations and Standards relating to road transport operations.

CVSA Inspection Reports