Holiday Travel Restrictions

Vehicles exceeding 3.7 m in width or 31 m in length are not allowed to travel on holiday-restricted routes1. This applies to public holidays2 and during the summer holiday season3.

  • Fridays during the summer holiday season, from 1600 hrs to 2100 hrs.
  • Sundays during the summer holiday season, from 1100 hrs to 2100 hrs.
  • the day preceding a public holiday, from 1600 hrs to 2400 hrs.
  • Fridays, when a public holiday falls on the following Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, from 1500 hrs to 2400 hrs.
  • Public holidays, from 1200 hrs to 2400 hrs.


1 Holiday Restricted Routes

2 Public Holidays

3 Summer Holiday Season

PTH 1: Falcon Lake to MB/ON border
PTH 6: All
PTH 8: All
PTH 9: All
PTH 10: U.S. border to Riding Mountain National Park
PTH 11: North of Hwy 44
PTH 12: North of Hwy 15
PTH 15: All
PTH 16: All
PTH 44: All
PTH 59: North of the West Boundary of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation reserve
PTH 59: PTH 100 south to St. Malo
PR 214: All
PR 307: All
PR 313: All
PR 317: All

New Years Day
Louis Riel Day
Good Friday
Victoria Day
Canada Day
Civic Holiday
Labour Day Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Begins the Friday preceding the May (Victoria Day) long weekend and ending on the Tuesday following the September (Labour Day) long weekend.