2024 Manitoba Spring Road Restrictions (SRR) Program

2024 Spring Road Restrictions Order

  1. View and/or print the Official Spring Road Restrictions Order (PDF)
  2. See the spring road restrictions Summary of Changes

How to Read the SRR Order

The Official Spring Road Restrictions Order (PDF, 450 KB) lists roads that are restricted. The first (i.e., interpretations) section provides information of how to calculate allowable axle weights. In the next section of the Order, the official earliest start and latest end dates are listed. The earliest start dates of Spring Road Restrictions are March 1 for Zone 1A, March 6 for Zone 1B and Zone 2, and March 12 for Zone 3. The latest end dates of Spring Road Restrictions are May 29 for Zone 1A, May 31 for Zones 1B and 2, and June 10 for Zone 3. SRR may be ended earlier in a climate zone depending upon weather conditions (trend of the thawing index) in that climate zone.

The lists of restricted roads are subdivided based on classes of highway. Section “A” provides a detailed list of RTAC Routes and class A1 highways that are restricted to Level 1 weights. Section “B” lists B1 highways that are subject to Level 1 weight restrictions. Section “C” details all highways that are subject to Level 2 weight restrictions.

The name of the restricted highway is listed on the left column of the Order; the section(s) of the highway that is restricted is listed on the right column. Please note that some highways may be partly RTAC, A1 and/or B1, and may be restricted to Level 1 and/or Level 2 weights. It is important to look for the highway in question in all three sections of the Order. A highway (or a section of a highway) not listed in any of the sections is allowed normal legal loading.

Provisos that allow exceptions to the policy (such as Essential Commodities) are listed at the end of the Order.