Red River Floodway Expansion

Division Vision and Values

Water Management and Structures Division is an engaged, team-oriented and results driven organization that is recognised for its excellence in:

  • water management
  • hydro technical and structures engineering
  • stewardship of water and related transportation infrastructure
  • flood forecasting, infrastructure, mitigation and response

Founded on proven areas of expertise, Water Management and Structures is proactive and collaborative working in teams to develop policies, processes and programs.

Relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Communication is honest, open and inclusive.
Divisional processes are current, documented, clear, and aligned with Government Policy.
WMS fosters a learning environment that helps employees to actively collaborate and seek the knowledge, information, training and tools to deliver excellence in our services.

Employees have clear and well defined roles that reflect the common vision and are recognized for their expertise by external and internal partners.

WMS provides a safe and professional environment with the tools, technology and knowledge management systems to deliver benchmark services.