Fire & Travel Restrictions

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Updated: June 6, 2023

Campfire Restrictions

Campfires permitted anytime in approved pits only.

Travel Restrictions

All other provincial parks:  No travel restrictions.  All trails open, backcountry camping permitted.

Additional Advisories/Closures:

  • Fireworks and sky lanterns are prohibited at all times in provincial parks.
  • The use of drones near wildfires is prohibited by Transport Canada and is subject to fines and jail. Drones can interfere with aircraft working on the emergency response and a collision could have serious consequences or even lead to a crash. Water bombers and helicopters are unable to work on a wildfire if a drone or other aircraft is in the area, which could put firefighters on the ground at risk without air support.
  • For restriction information on Crown Lands outside of provincial parks, please see Provincial Fire & Travel Restrictions.

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