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Manitoba Parks - Cottaging Program, is responsible for the administration of approximately 6200, vacation home lots within Manitoba’s provincial parks. Vacation home lots located on Crown land typically maintain a lease (or annual permit) with the province; however, some provincial parks do contain titled private land. The Provincial Parks Act and the regulations apply to both Crown lands and private lands within provincial parks. 

Additional information regarding specific program areas can be found within the drop down menus below.

Contact Information:
Manitoba Parks
Cottaging & Commercial Program
258 Portage Ave - 4th Floor (Box 51)
Winnipeg MB, R3C 0B6

General Email:
General Phone: 204-945-8872
Fax: 204-945-0012


Manitoba Provincial Park Cabin Owners Association - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

On April 25, 2023, the Manitoba government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Manitoba Provincial Park Cabin Owners Association to advance and modernize a collaborative approach to address the interests of approximately 6,200 cottage owners within Manitoba’s provincial parks.

The MOU is intended to provide Manitoba and the MPPCOA with a framework for advancing discussions in the development of a fee structure for the collection of land lease fees and a service fees model, whereby cottagers pay a fair, equitable, transparent and sustainable share of lease and service fees in relation to all other park users. These discussions are ongoing.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Winnipeg Office Relocated

Manitoba Parks has relocated to 258 Portage Ave - 4th Floor, Winnipeg. Walk-up service is unavailable at this office; it is encouraged that you contact us to make an appointment to ensure appropriate staff will be available to assist you.


We are unable to accept in person payments made by cash or credit card at 258 Portage. In addition to payments made by cheque, development application fees can be processed by credit card over the phone. Please see more information within the Development Application Information drop down below.

Development Application Information

When considering new development on a vacation home lot located within the Provincial Park System, please review the development guidelines found in The Cottager's Handbook for Manitoba Provincial Parks - 3rd Edition.

If your vacation home lot is located within the Hecla Historic Village, a separate Resident's Handbook outlines conditions for the development of your lot that includes design and development guidelines that are unique to this area, reflecting the history of previous island settlements. These guidelines are found within the following Handbook:

Site Plan Permit is required for the construction of a new building, alteration or addition to an existing building or structure, on a lot or on a public reserve area within a Provincial Park. To obtain a site plan permit, you must submit a Site Plan Permit Application to Manitoba Parks. For more information on the application process, please see the application guide below

The Department has revised its current Site Plan Permit Application form. The new application form can be found within the Development Application Package below.

Building Permit Applications – Inspection Technical Services Manitoba

As the jurisdiction having authority, Manitoba Parks determines when a building permit is required. Inspection Technical Services (ITS) Manitoba, issues building permits on behalf of Manitoba Parks. In general, a building permit is required if your structure is greater than 108 square feet. Building permit applications may also require a Letter of Assurance form (Part A and B). Should you have any questions or wish to obtain more information about a Building Permit Application, Letter of Assurance or Plumbing Permit Application, you may call ITS at 204-945-3322 or visit online at the following link: Province of Manitoba | mr - Inspection and Technical Services

ITS Permit form are available online via the following link:  Province of Manitoba | Labour | Labour, Consumer Protection and Government Services | Bulletins, Guides and Forms

Note: If your vacation home lot is located within Poplar Bay Provincial Park, please note that the Winnipeg River Planning District issues a Building Permit for development in this area and not Inspection and Technical Services.

If you are considering a new installation or alteration to an existing Onsite Wastewater Management System (OWMS), please check the OWMS Program website to find information on regulatory requirements, design and installation standards, and registration forms. You can also contact your local Environment Officer if you have any questions or require assistance. Information regarding the use or care of your OWMS can be found on the website and in the Homeowner's Manual for Onsite Wastewater Management Systems

More Information for Developing on the Public Reserve

On lakefront lots, owners and occupiers have the ability to submit application for a Site Plan Permit to construct a number of structures on the public reserve, such as a boathouse, a boat-port, storage shed, gazebo, pump-house, docks, boatlifts and rail systems.

When considering developing a public reserve, incorporating natural vegetative features into your shoreline such as planting deep rooted native grasses, shrubs and trees to help naturalize the shoreline, and to improve the natural bank stability is encouraged. Maintaining a buffer zone as a "no-mow" area will allow the plant roots to penetrate the soil and provide long-term shoreline protection.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada have also established timing windows to conduct work in or around water. Timing windows are one of the many measures used to protect fish and fish habitat when carrying out a project near water. It is recommended that you follow this measure to avoid harm and to reduce impacts to fish and fish habitat.

The use of wood treated with creosote or pentachlorophenylin in construction near water is a violation under The Environment Act. Copper chromium arsenate, the most commonly used material in treated wood products, is a preferred product.

For more information, please visit the following:

Vacation Home Lot Administration Information

Typically, occupiers of vacation home lots on Crown land in provincial parks enter into a lease agreement with the province called a Parks Vacation Home Lease (PVHL).  In some cases, occupiers may choose to maintain an annual Parks Vacation Home Permit (PVHP). Each lease agreement will set out an expiry date, are 21-year terms, and contain provisions that allow for a renewal of one additional term.

Manitoba Parks recommends that you become familiar with the terms and conditions of your lease or permit. For a copy of a sample lease, please visit the following link:

Real Estate Services Branch

Established April 1, 2006, the Real Estate Services Branch (RESB) is the single point of service for all transactions involving Government of Manitoba provincially owned Crown lands, including but not limited to the administration of parks vacation home leases and permits within Manitoba’s provincial parks.   

On behalf of Manitoba Parks, RESB is responsible for the administration of the following: 

  • Annual invoicing;
  • Transferring a vacation home lease or permit (Assignments); 
  • Collateral recordings for security purposes;
  • Issuance of new leases for lots obtained through the First-Come, First-Served cottage lot program;
  • Lease Renewals; and
  • Records of titled private lands in Provincial parks, as registered with Land Titles Office.

Loss of lease

If you are unable to locate your valid lease agreement, an Affidavit Loss of Lease and the $40.00 Application Fee is required to be submitted to RESB, in order to obtain a certified copy. 

All applicable forms are found on RESB’s webpage. For more information regarding assignment and lease renewals, please see the drop down menus below.

Contact Information:
Real Estate Services Branch
308 – 25 Tupper Street North
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 3K1

General Phone: 204-239-3510
Toll Free: 1-866-210-9589
General Email:  
Fax: 204-239-3560


First-Come, First-Served Cottage Lot Program

Manitoba provides a variety of opportunities to either purchase a vacation home lot located on Crown Land, or enter into a lease agreement for a vacation home lot located within a Provincial Park. For more information regarding cottage lot draws and available inventory through the First-Come, First Served (FCFS) Cottaging Program, please visit the following link:

Natural Resources and Northern Development | Province of Manitoba (

Undeveloped Lots

When obtaining a new undeveloped lot through the FCFS program, a lessee is required to construct a cottage to lock-up stage (exterior completed) within 24 months. The exterior is considered complete when doors, windows, exterior siding, and roofing material has been installed.

On vacation home lots where the cottage structure has been demolished, or otherwise removed, a lessee must construct a new cottage structure to lock-up stage within 24 months. Manitoba Parks will not assign leases with undeveloped lots, except on compassionate grounds (i.e., death).

For more information regarding the development application process, please see the Development Application Information drop down.

Searches and Assignments

If you are considering selling, transferring, adding a name to, or removing a name from, a vacation home lease or permit, you will be required to submit an assignment application form. Prior to engaging the assignment process, it is recommended that you submit a Search Request to the Real Estate Services Branch (RESB). Search results will confirm lease or permit particulars, provide account/annual fee information, and advise if there are any outstanding work orders and/orcollateral recordings applicable to the lease or permit, etc. Search results will also provide a list of requirements in order to register an assignment.

Search Requests

Owners and occupiers or, Lawyers, Realtors and Financial Institutions acting on behalf of a lot holder, may submit a search request for the following purposes:

  • Vacation Home Lease or Permit Status Update
  • Purpose of/for Sale Agreement
  • Collateral Recording Status Update
  • Inquiries for Building Liens

Search requests must be submitted in writing to RESB via fax at 204-239-3560 or emailed to  All requests must include the following information:

  • Legal description of the lot (ex. Lot, Block, Plan and Lake)
  • Lease Number and Lot Holder name(s) (if available)
  • Who the requestor is working on behalf of (ex. buyer or seller)
  • Purpose of the search

All realtors representing the Lessee must also provide a copy of the Realtor Sales Agreement.

Requestors that are not representing the lessee or permittee will only be provided search results if they are a legal representative of a purchaser or collateral holder.

Once processed, search results will be provided in the following format: Search Results Sample.

Transferring a Vacation Home Lease or Permit (Assignment)

Manitoba Parks considers there to be three types of Assignments for vacation home leases:

  • Assignment (Standard) -  upon sale of the vacation home or to add/remove a name from a lease or permit
  • Assignment (Financial) - to register a collateral recording for security purposes
  • Assignment (Joint Tenants/Death) - to remove an individual from the lease or permit due to a death, where the lease or permit is held as Joint Tenants
    • Where the lease or permit is held as Tenants in Common or Sole lessee/permittee - please refer to Assignment (standard) process

To avoid delays, it is important to understand what type of Assignment is applicable in your situation. Please ensure the necessary/most current forms, fees, supplementary information and documents are submitted as part of the Assignment application package. Please be advised that all outstanding amounts owing must be paid in full prior to an assignment being processed or approved. 

The checklist below provides information on required documents for each type of assignment.

1. Assignment (Standard)

  • Assignment Application (in duplicate, on legal size paper – no photocopies)
  • Original most valid Parks Vacation Home Lease (no photocopies)
  • Application Addendum– one form for each new Assignee
  • Chief Place of Residency Declaration – one form for all Assignee(s)
  • $40.00 Application Fee (payable to the Minister of Finance)

In the case of death (tenant in common or sole lessee/permittee), the following documents are required in addition to those listed above:

  • An original or notarized copy of the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration

2. Assignment (Financial)

  • Assignment Application for Security Purposes (2 original signed copies)
  • $40.00 Application Fee (payable to the Minister of Finance)

Note: For information on collateral recording discharges, please see the Additional Assignment Information section below.

3. Assignment (Joint Tenants/Death)

  • An original or notarized copy of Death Certificate or Funeral Directors Statement
  • Original most valid Parks Vacation Home Lease (no photocopies)
  • $40.00 Application Fee (payable to the Minister of Finance)


All required assignment forms and documents are found on RESB’s webpage via the following link:

Once complete, the assignment application package is to be mailed to RESB at the following address:  

Real Estate Services Branch
308 - 25 Tupper Street North
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 3K1

Should you have any questions regarding the assignment application process, please contact RESB directly:                                 

General Phone: 204-239-3510
Toll Free: 1-866-210-9589
General Email:

Additional Information

Privately Owned Lots
For the sale of privately owned lot within a Provincial Park, a copy of the new Title (obtained through Manitoba Land Titles), must be submitted to RESB, and the account paid in full. 

It is strongly recommended that a Surveyor’s Staking and Building Location Certificate be obtained and submitted with the assignment application form(s) as it is the responsibility of the lessee/permittee to ensure that all structures are located within the surveyed lot boundary, public reserve and that the respective buffer zones have been maintained. 

Loss of lease
If you are unable to locate your valid lease agreement, an Affidavit Loss of Lease and the $40.00 Application Fee is required to be submitted to RESB, in order to obtain a certified copy. 

Lease Renewals

Typically, an occupier of vacation home lot located on Crown land in a provincial park enters into a lease agreement called a Parks Vacation Home Lease (PVHL). Each lease agreement will set out an expiry date of the agreement and contain provisions that allow for a renewal of one additional term. Lease terms are 21 years.

At the end of this first term, the agreement may be renewed for one additional term of the same terms and conditions, provided there has been no default by the Lessee. The Real Estate Services Branch (RESB) will initiate the renewal process.

Lease Renewal Process

Renewal Application

  • Approximately six (6) months prior to the expiration of a lease agreement, RESB will mail lessees:
    • A lease renewal application form; and
    • An Application Addendum for each lot holder.
  • Lessees are required to complete and return these forms to initiate the renewal process.

Onsite Inspections

  • Annually, as part of the renewal process, Manitoba Parks will conduct site inspections of all vacation home lots set to expire during that year. 
  • Inspections are conducted by Park staff, and are not scheduled.  There is no requirement for the lessee to attend or arrange an inspection.
  • When conducting lot inspections, staff typically consider the following:
    • If a lot is marked with the lot’s lot and block number, visible year round from the road and water (if applicable);
      • In some cases, subdivisions utilize a ‘civic address’ numbering system – please speak with your local district office if you are unsure.
    • Condition of lot and structures;
    • Type of onsite wastewater management system (i.e., holding tank);
    • Water source (i.e., well or lake or cistern);
    • Any unauthorized development; and
    • Any development on the public reserve (lakefront lots only)

Note:  In the event of an emergency, having your lot and block displayed assists emergency services when responding to calls, whether it be by road or water.

Processing the Lease Renewal Application

  • Once RESB receives a completed renewal application form, as well as the onsite inspection report, RESB will review and discuss with Manitoba Parks any concerns or issues raised during inspection.
  • Depending on the issues identified, Manitoba Parks may take the following steps:
  • Prepare a letter of commitment in address of minor issues and proceed with sending unsigned copies of the lease; or
  • Hold a renewal until any major issues are addressed.

Any identified issues will be communicated to the lessee(s) in writing.

  • Once Manitoba Parks and RESB are satisfied that a lease can be renewed, RESB will proceed to finalizing the lease renewal.

Final – Lease Renewal

  • Upon receiving both copies of the signed lease agreement, and signed letter of commitment (if applicable), RESB will engage in finalizing the new renewal lease agreement.
  • RESB will return to the lessee(s) a copy of their finalized renewal lease by mail.

Note: No renewal lease will be finalized until all outstanding amounts on a lessee’s account have been paid in full. 

Note: If the process of renewing your lease extends beyond the lease term expiry date, your lease is considered a pending renewal and will remain valid within the Crown Lands Registry System. Lease provisions remain in an implied state and staff will work to finalize the lease renewal process. Upon renewal, RESB will update both commencement and expiration dates.

Should you have any questions regarding the lease renewal process, please contact the Real Estate Services Branch directly.              

General Phone: 204-239-3510
Toll Free: 1-866-210-9589
General Email:

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