Stay On Track With Vaccinations

Staying on track with your seasonal flu and COVID-19 vaccines is easy.

Protect yourself, your family and your community by getting vaccinated.

Vaccines provide the best protection against the strains of COVID-19 and seasonal flu that are expected to be circulating in Manitoba. Anyone aged six months or older can be vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu, but it is especially important if you or a loved one are at higher risk of serious illness.

Even if you have never had COVID-19 or a COVID-19 vaccine before, it's never too late to protect yourself.

Updated COVID-19 vaccines will provide broader protection against the variants expected to be most common in Manitoba during the upcoming respiratory virus season.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is particularly important for people at higher risk of severe outcomes.

The seasonal flu vaccine helps to protect you against being infected with or experiencing serious symptoms from the flu. It's especially important for people who are at higher risk.

This vaccine is offered every year, with an updated formulation to help provide the best protection against the flu strains that are expected to be circulating.

People aged 65 and older should get the high-dose flu vaccine. It gives a stronger immune response and better protection against infection and serious symptoms.

Manitoba's online vaccine finder shows locations where vaccines are currently available, including local vaccine clinics, doctors' offices and pharmacies.

The tool can help you search for COVID-19, seasonal flu (standard dose and high dose) and pneumococcal vaccines by regional health authority or community. You can also check where walk-ins are available, or get more information about how to make an appointment.


For more information:

If you have questions about vaccines, contact your health-care provider or call Health Links-Info Santé at 1‑888‑315‑9257 (toll‑free) or 204‑788‑8200.