Climate Change and Environment

Sustainable Agriculture Manitoba

Sustainable Agriculture Manitoba (SAM) provides funding to farmers and land managers to implement cost-shared beneficial management practices (BMPs) that increase the environmental and economic sustainability of agriculture operations in Manitoba. Priority areas include climate change adaptation and mitigation, air quality, water quality and quantity, soil health and biodiversity.

Eligible Applicants

BMP specific but may include:

  • Primary Producers
  • Commercial Manure Applicators
  • Custom Pesticide Operators

Eligible Expenses

Sustainable Agriculture Manitoba funds a variety of BMPs available within the following funding streams:

  • Cropland Management
  • Manure & Livestock Management
  • Water Management

List of funding streams:

Cropland Management

Funding to support cropland management practices that optimize operations and improve productivity.

Manure and Livestock Management

Funding to support practices that improve livestock performance and manure management.

Water Management

Funding to support the supply, efficient use, quality and management of water.