Resiliency and Public Trust

Livestock Predation Prevention Program

The Livestock Predation Prevention Program supports adoption of non-lethal, on-farm measures that reduce the risk of livestock predation by wolves, coyotes, bears and other predators. Reducing livestock predation promotes the co-existence of wildlife and livestock in agricultural regions of Manitoba.

Intake information:

The intake for this program is currently open; funding requests will be accepted from April 15, 2024, to:

  • 11:59PM on June 14, 2024, for Predator Resistant Fence Construction
  • 11:59PM on December 20, 2024, for Pre-Approved Livestock Predation Prevention Equipment and Guardian Dogs

Worksheets and supplementary documentation must be received by the dates stated above to be considered for funding. Worksheets and supplementary documentation will not be accepted after the dates stated above.


Eligible Applicants

  • Agricultural Crown Land forage lease holders
  • Association of Manitoba Community Pastures
  • Indigenous primary producers and communities, including First Nations and Métis
  • Primary producers

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses vary by funding stream but include:

  • Construction of predator resistant fencing
  • Purchase of equipment to deter predator attacks
  • Purchase of livestock guardian dogs

List of funding streams:

Predator Resistant Fence Construction

Funding to support the construction of fencing that deters predators from entering calving areas, pastures, extended grazing areas, and deadstock compost areas.

Pre-approved Livestock Predation Prevention Equipment and Guardian Dogs

Funding for the purchase of pre-approved equipment and guardian dogs to deter predator attacks on livestock.