Linking Ability with Opportunity -
Serving Indigenous Manitobans

Overview of our Services

Job Placement

Partners for Careers - our core business is job placement: assisting Indigenous job seekers to find employment, training or continuing education opportunities in Manitoba. The work of assisting job seekers is delivered by contracted delivery agencies: all 10 rural Friendship Centres - call in Winnipeg, 204-942-6299 or and Staffing Solutions at the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. (CAHRD) - call in Winnipeg, 204-989-7110 or go to

Guide for Indigenous Manitobans

The Indigenous Community here in Winnipeg is a strong and vibrant one. The Partners for Careers' Guide to Winnipeg for Indigenous Manitobans is supplied free of charge to Indigenous client-serving agencies. As Indigenous people move to Winnipeg, whether for a short or a long time, we have created this guide to assist them in getting connected to the larger community. The Guide provides information about a wide variety of programs and organizations in operation that may be of assistance to them. Information is included on housing, transportation, shopping, cultural organizations and much more. If you would like a paper copy of the Guide book or several copies for your organization or if you have any suggestions for our next edition,, please e-mail