Employee Profiles

Visit some of the following web pages and you will find a diverse group of individuals working for the Manitoba government.  See what they have to say about their jobs and some of the reasons they like working with us.

The Second Career Employee

Name: RickThe Long-service Employee
Position: Chief Flight Nurse - Lifeflight Air Ambulance Service
Department: Health, Healthy Living and Seniors

Rick is currently the Chief Flight Nurse with the Lifeflight Air Ambulance Service of Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors.

As a Registered Nurse (RN) since 1978, Rick had a nursing career in a Winnipeg hospital as a General Duty Registered Nurse, a Clinical Instructor and Nursing Unit Manager. After 18 years in a traditional hospital setting, Rick started his second career with the Manitoba government.

Lifeflight is Manitoba's specialized air ambulance transport service, providing critical care in the community, in the air and during ground or over water transport. This means that Lifeflight has the resources to provide "intensive care in the air". Since its existence in 1985, Lifeflight has transported approximately 16,000 patients from rural and remote communities.

Rick's Comments:

“The patient care objectives are the same whether you are working in a Winnipeg hospital or a Lifeflight air ambulance, but the similarity ends there. Hospital settings have many human and equipment resources available, and transporting a critically ill patient often only involves moving the patient from the emergency room or intensive care unit to the radiology department for a scan. However, Lifeflight transports critical patients from Manitoba communities where it is sometimes necessary to utilize vans, half-ton trucks, boats, hovercrafts and/or helicopters. This makes our job extremely more challenging.

The Lifeflight team, comprised of one critical care physician and one critical care registered nurse, provides the patient with near tertiary level care and in-depth stabilization before the transport begins. Our equipment is similar to hospital intensive care units except that it is compact for transport.

What I like the most about my current positions that I am given the opportunity to work with all kinds of different professionals. Pilots, physicians, air maintenance engineers, other rural and remote medical staff, provincial emergency services officers, provincial dispatch personal and ground ambulance crews from all over the province to name a few. All of us have the same goal, which is to insure that Lifeflight has the expertise and resources to safely transport patients and to provide critical care during all phases of transport.”

The Long-service Employee

Name: RoyThe Long-service Employee
Position: Director, Audit Branch, Taxation Division
Department: Finance

“Shortly after joining the Manitoba government, a very positive work environment, I realized it was a place where advancement was not only possible but fostered by a supportive management team. All I needed to do was acquire the necessary skill sets and academic piece, essentially, obtaining an accounting designation. While in that pursuit, I was promoted into more challenging positions. As a result of the promotions and working with an amazing group of people, along with the benefits afforded employees of the Manitoba government, I had no choice but to continue my career here. I have no regrets.”

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The Program Intern

Name: MauriceThe Program Intern
Job: Intern - Management Internship Program
Department: Treasury Board Secretariat

"The Government of Manitoba has given me the opportunity to experience first hand how government policy is developed, implemented and evaluated. I am encouraged to be an original thinker, which means I have the freedom to be creative and am supported when I present new ways of doing things"

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The New Professional

Name: MonicaThe New Professional
Job: Project Manager
Department: Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade

“I love my job, unequivocally. I am extremely fortunate to participate in making a difference in my community while working with a team of people that are encouraging, talented, bright, and solution oriented.”

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The Public Servant

Name: BarryThe Public Servant
Job: Correctional Officer
Department: Manitoba Justice, Corrections

"I feel fortunate to be able to work in an organization which encourages and supports me to help make my community and yours both safer and stronger."

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