Hudson’s Bay Company Archives Ships’ Histories

Search for ships’ histories for vessels owned or chartered by Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). Please note that not all watercraft utilized by HBC are included in the table below, and history sheets have not been created for all HBC ships. If the vessel you are researching is not included or does not have a linked history sheet, search its name in Keystone to see what HBCA records are available.

Ships’ histories provide a good starting point for research, but are not a comprehensive source of information on a vessel; there may be other related records in the HBCA holdings. The information included in the ships’ histories has been derived from HBCA records and other sources; however, verification of facts against the original or microfilmed records is advisable. For a more detailed explanation of the ships’ histories, please see The Ship’s History Explained (PDF).

Ship Type of ship Dates of HBC service Areas of Service
Start End Europe Hudson Bay / James Bay Pacific Northwest Western Arctic Eastern Arctic Interior
Aklavik (PDF)Motor vessel19231942Western Arctic
Anson Northup (a.k.a. The Pioneer) (PDF)Steamboat18611861Interior
Anyox (PDF)Steamship (chartered by HBC)19331933Western Arctic
Athabasca (PDF)Stern wheel steamer18881897Interior
Athabasca River (PDF)Stern wheel steamer19121917Interior
Athabasca River (II) (PDF)Stern wheel tug19221949Interior
Banksland (PDF)Freighter19551964Western Arctic
Baychimo (PDF)Steel steamer19211931Europe Western ArcticEastern Arctic
Bayeskimo (PDF)Steel screw steamer19221925Eastern Arctic
Baymaud (PDF)Motor schooner19261927Western Arctic
Baynain (PDF)Steel screw steamer19281930Eastern Arctic
Bayrupert (PDF)Steel screw steamer19261927Eastern Arctic
Beaver (PDF)Steamship18351860Pacific Northwest
Beaver (sloop)Sloop, converted to brig17881793EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Beaver Lake (PDF)Twin-screw diesel tug19381947Interior
Brierley Hill (PDF)Barque18721881EuropePacific Northwest
Brothers (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18431845EuropePacific Northwest
Broughton (PDF)Sloop18261836Pacific Northwest
Buffalo Lake (PDF)Tunnel sterned tug (twin screw)1930post-1939Interior
Cadborough (PDF)Schooner18261850EuropePacific Northwest
Caledonia (PDF)Stern paddlewheel18901907Pacific Northwest
Cam Owen (PDF)Brigantine18831886EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
CamdenChartered by HBC18241831EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Carnatic (PDF)Full-rigged ship18581860EuropePacific Northwest
CeresBrig18021804EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
CharlotteBrig17691782EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
CharlotteSloop17751781EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Cheshire CatAuxiliary yacht19101910EuropeEastern Arctic
Cheyenne (PDF)Sidewheeler18811881Interior
Chief Commissioner (PDF)Screw steamer18721875Interior
City of Winnipeg (PDF)Sternwheeler18811881Interior
Colinda (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18531854EuropePacific Northwest
Columbia (PDF)Barque18351850EuropePacific Northwest
Colvile (PDF)Screw steamer18751882Interior
Corea (PDF)Barque18601861EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Cowlitz (PDF)Barque18401851EuropePacific Northwest
D.A. Thomas (PDF)Steamship19241930Interior
Dering (PDF)Pink, fireship16881689EuropeEastern Arctic
Dering (III) (PDF)Frigate16921697EuropeEastern Arctic
Diamond (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18421843EuropePacific Northwest
Diana (PDF)Screw steamer18801888EuropeEastern Arctic
Discovery (PDF)Barque-rigged auxiliary steamer19051920EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Distributor (PDF)Sternwheeler tug19241947Interior
Dryad (PDF)Brigantine, chartered by HBC18251836EuropePacific Northwest
Eagle (PDF)Brigantine18271837EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Eaglet (PDF)Ketch16681668EuropeEastern Arctic
EddystoneFull-rigged ship18071823EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Edward and AnnFull-rigged ship, chartered by HBC18111811EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
EmeraldBrig18161817EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Enterprise (PDF)Sidewheeler18621883Pacific Northwest
Erik (PDF)Screw steamer18881900EuropeEastern Arctic
Eskimo (PDF)Single screw motor vessel19471949Hudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Esquimaux (PDF)Brigantine18351836EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Forager (PDF)Chartered by HBC18391841EuropePacific Northwest
Fort Charles (PDF)Wooden ketch19401959Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fort Churchill (PDF)Motor sailing vessel19131939Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fort Garry (I) (PDF)Schoonerpost-19241939Eastern Arctic
Fort Garry (II) (PDF)Steel Naval Stores Lighter19501961Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fort Hearne (PDF)Motor screw19491961Western Arctic
Fort James (PDF)Two-masted auxiliary schooner19281937Western ArcticEastern Arctic
Fort McPherson (PDF)Gas schooner19141930Western Arctic
Fort Ross (PDF)Motor vessel19381950Western Arctic
Fort Severn (PDF)Auxiliary wood schooner19261950Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fort York (PDF)Motor schooner19141930 Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fox (1850-1878) (PDF)Schooner18501878Hudson Bay / James Bay
Fox (1885-1918) (PDF)Yawl18851918Eastern Arctic
FrancesSchooner18361843EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Ganymede (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18281837EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific NorthwestEastern Arctic
GlaramaraBarque18651867EuropePacific Northwest
Gomelza (PDF)Full-rigged ship, chartered by HBC18591859EuropePacific Northwest
Grahame (I) (PDF)Sternwheeler18841896Interior
HadlowFull-rigged ship18151816EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Hampshire (PDF)Frigate16971697Eastern Arctic
Harmony (PDF)Auxiliary steamer19261927Eastern Arctic
Harpooner (PDF)Brigantine or barque, chartered by HBC18481850Pacific Northwest
Holgate (PDF)Steamship, chartered by HBC19161916Europe
Huband (PDF)Frigate16871687EuropeEastern Arctic
Hudson's Bay (PDF)Pink, frigate16891697EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Inenew Steamship19021903EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
International (PDF)Double-decked sternwheeler18671871Interior
Isabella (PDF)Brig18291830EuropePacific Northwest
Isobel (PDF)Schooner18511857Interior
James (PDF)Ketch16821683Eastern Arctic
John & Alexander (PDF)Fireship, lent to HBC16791680Eastern Arctic
KayoshkSchooner18741879Eastern Arctic
King George (I) (PDF)Full-rigged ship17501755EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
King George (II) (PDF)Full-rigged ship17611780EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
King George (III) (PDF)Full-rigged ship17811812EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Kitty (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18591859Eastern Arctic
Koksoak (PDF)Peterhead19291944Eastern Arctic
Kugyuk (PDF)Motor screw schooner (tug)19251926Western Arctic
Labouchere (PDF)Sidewheeler18581866EuropePacific Northwest
Labrador (PDF)Screw steamer/barque18661887EuropeEastern Arctic
Lady Frances Simpson (PDF)Schooner18521858 Hudson Bay / James Bay
Lady Head (PDF)Barque18651903EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Lady Kindersley (PDF)Schooner19211924Western Arctic
Lady Lampson (PDF)Barque18691878EuropePacific Northwest
Lama (PDF)Brigantine18321837Pacific Northwest
Lauriston (PDF)Barque19161917Europe
Liard River (I) (PDF)Sternwheeler19181922Interior
Liard River (II) (PDF)Tunnel sterned motor tug19231947Interior
Lily (PDF)Sternwheeler18771883Interior
Lively (PDF)Brig, chartered by HBC18221824EuropePacific Northwest
Mackenzie River (PDF)Sternwheeler19081947Interior
Mainwaring (PDF)Schooner18071820EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Manitoba (PDF)Sternwheeler18801884Interior
Margaret A. (PDF)Motor schooner19341943Western Arctic
Marquette (PDF)Sternwheeler18791883Interior
Marquis (PDF)Sternwheeler18821886Interior
Marten (PDF)Brig18451850Eastern Arctic
MartenSchooner18521878EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Mary (IV) (PDF)Frigate17371749EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Mary Dare (PDF)Brigantine18461854EuropePacific Northwest
Messenger (PDF)Fan-tail stern18971906Interior
Midge (PDF)Schooner18771877Eastern Arctic
Mink (PDF)Schooner18741903EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Mount Royal (PDF)Sternwheeler19021907Pacific Northwest
Nascopie (PDF)Steel screw semi-icebreaker19121947EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Neophyte (PDF)Motor ketch19461947 Hudson Bay / James Bay
Nereide (PDF)Brig18331840EuropePacific Northwest
Nigalik (PDF)Ketch19381952Western Arctic
NimbleBrigantine17921793EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Nonsuch Replica (PDF)Ketch, replica19681974EuropePacific NorthwestInterior
Norman Morison (PDF)Barque18491853EuropePacific Northwest
North West (PDF)Sternwheeler18821897Interior
Northcote (PDF)Stern paddlewheel steamer18741886Interior
Northland Echo (PDF)Sternwheel tug19281945Interior
Northwest Fox (PDF)Frigate16891690EuropeEastern Arctic
Ocean Nymph (PDF)Barque18631884EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Old Maid (II) (PDF)Schooner19281930Western Arctic
Otter (PDF)Screw steamer18531883EuropePacific Northwest
Pagwa (PDF)Motor tug19231924Interior
Pandora (PDF)Brig18461851Pacific Northwest
Pelican (PDF)Screw sloop19011920EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Perseverance (PDF)Barque18911900EuropeHudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Port Simpson (PDF)Sternwheeler19081918Pacific Northwest
Prince Albert (PDF)Barque18411856EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Prince Arthur (PDF)Barque18541864EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince GeorgeFull-rigged ship, chartered by HBC18341837EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince of Wales (1845-1850) (PDF)Schooner18451850Pacific Northwest
Prince of Wales (I) (PDF)Full-rigged ship17931841EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince of Wales (II) (PDF)Barque18501885EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Prince Rupert (I) (PDF)Frigate17441760EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince Rupert (II) (PDF)Presumed pink17551768EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince Rupert (III) (PDF)"Ship" frigate17691786EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince Rupert (IV) (PDF)Sailing ship18271841EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince Rupert (V) (PDF)Barque18411853EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Prince Rupert (VI) (PDF)"Clipper" Barque18651886EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Prince Rupert (VII)Barque18871891EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
PrincessSchooner18921896Hudson Bay / James Bay
Princess Louise (PDF)Side paddle-wheeler18781883Pacific Northwest
Princess Royal (PDF)Frigate18541885EuropeHudson Bay / James BayPacific Northwest
Queen Charlotte (PDF)Full-rigged ship17901800EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Recovery (PDF)Brigantine18521859Pacific Northwest
Robin (PDF)Schooner18431856Hudson Bay / James Bay
Ruby (PDF)Schooner, chartered by HBC19141923EuropeWestern Arctic
Rupertsland (PDF)Steel motor vessel19481960Hudson Bay / James BayEastern Arctic
Saskatchewan (1873) (PDF)Steamboat18731873Interior
Saskatchewan (1905-1909) (PDF)Sternwheeler19051909Interior
Seahorse (I) (PDF)Pink17341764EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Seahorse (II) (PDF)"Ship" frigate17651781EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Seahorse (III) (PDF)Full-rigged ship17821792EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Sorine (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC19101911EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Stork Barque19041908EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Strathcona (PDF)Stern steam paddlewheel18981902Pacific Northwest
Sumatra (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18361838EuropePacific Northwest
Titania (PDF)Clipper18851893EuropePacific Northwest
Tory (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18501851EuropePacific Northwest
Una (PDF)Brigantine18491852EuropePacific Northwest
Union (PDF)Sloop18241831 Hudson Bay / James Bay
Valleyfield (PDF)Barque, chartered by HBC18411843EuropePacific Northwest
Vancouver (I) (PDF)Schooner18261834 Pacific Northwest
Vancouver (II) (PDF)Barque18381848EuropePacific Northwest
Vancouver (III) (PDF)Brigantine18521853Pacific Northwest
Walrus (1851-1857) (PDF)Sloop18511857EuropeHudson Bay / James Bay
Walrus (1872-1876) (PDF)Schooner18721876EuropeEastern Arctic
Wave (PDF)Schooner18401841EuropePacific Northwest
Weenusk (I) (PDF)Motor boat19201938Interior
Weenusk (II) (PDF)Steel tug19401951Interior
William and Ann (PDF)Snow18241829EuropePacific Northwest
Ship Type of ship Start of Service End of Service Europe Hudson Bay / James Bay Pacific Northwest Western Arctic Eastern Arctic Interior