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Supportive Employment Services (SES)

Supportive Employment Services (SES) is a specialized unit within the Public Service Commission that provides support, guidance and assistance to management, employees and human resources on disability management matters in the workplace.

The SES unit provides the following disability management services:

  • supports reasonable accommodation processes and the duty to accommodate in the workplace
  • facilitates and monitors return to work processes and activities
  • provides information and assistance to employees on health and disability benefits
  • manages Long Term Disability (LTD) and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claims administration and return to work planning
  • provides education and outreach to support organizational health and wellness initiatives
  • coordinates medical information to assist with clarifying accommodation requirements
  • ensures secure storage of all employee medical documentation and information

Benefits of Early Intervention

Early intervention in disability management is a proactive and effective approach that relies on the commitment from both management and the employee to communicate and engage with each other at the onset of an illness or injury. When an employee reports the effects of an illness or injury as soon as possible to management, it provides an opportunity to support the employee to remain at work or return to work in a safe and timely manner.

Sick Leave

When an employee notifies a supervisor of an illness or injury, it's important to keep the lines of communication open. 

When an employee requests sick leave, the supervisor will:

  • Discuss how much time they'll be away from work.
  • Ask them about their ability to stay at work and explore modified duties, hours, or work from home options.
  • Request a medical note or Work Abilities Form (WAF) from the employee's physician.
  • Immediately submit an WCB Employer's report to Pay and Benefits if:
    • The employee reported an injury that happened at the workplace AND
      • The employee sought medical attention/treatment OR
      • Missed time from work (other than the date of initial injury).


Management determines reasonable accommodation options based on an employee's capabilities as provided by the healthcare provider and discusses the accommodation with the employee and the union (if applicable). Human Resources and Supportive Employment are available to discuss reasonable accommodation options.

Once an accommodation has been determined and discussed with the employee, management will complete the Individualized Accommodation Plan letter template found on page 19 in the Reasonable Accommodation: Supervisor Guide.

Follow Up

Management will work with Human Resources and Supportive Employment on the appropriate timing to request updates on the employee's capabilities and scheduling accommodation meetings.


Contact Information


Telephone: (204) 945-4394