Minister's Message

Our government is committed to protecting Manitoban’s and the Emergency Measures Organization was developed to do just that. From disaster management, overall preparedness and response and recovery, the role of the department is to support areas of government in responding to large-scale emergencies and disasters.

Our team is dedicated to working with our partners and industry experts to coordinate, collaborate and communicate effectively in supporting the roll out of programs and services to assist Manitoba’s during times of crisis. We are continuously building towards making our province more resilient and ensuring that we are prepared to respond to any emergency.

Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Organization key areas, include:

  • COVID-19
  • High Water, Heavy Rains, Severe Weather Events
  • Fall and Winter Safety
  • Disaster Financial Assistance Programs
  • Emergency Alerting

Through the leadership and coordination of the Emergency Measures Organization, we have complete confidence that our government is prepared to respond to any emergency to ensure the safety of all Manitobans.

Honourable Ron R. Schuler
Minister of Infrastructure and the Emergency Measures Organization