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Support to Local Authorities

Manitoba EMO has staff who support local authorities in developing emergency preparedness programs. These staff are referred to as Emergency Management Advisors. Each Emergency Management Advisor is assigned to a number of communities.


Use our general contact infomation above to contact a Emergency Management Advisor. See Map.

  • North & Interlake
  • West
  • East, Churchill
  • Winnipeg

Communities or areas within other jurisdictions recognized as local authorities in The Emergency Measures Act

For emergency management support, directly contact the corresponding department OR contact Manitoba EMO to find a department contact.

  • Manitoba Indigenous and Northern Relations (ministère provincial)
  • Développement durable (ministères provincial)
  • Affaires autochtones et du Nord Canada - pour Premières Nations (ministère fédéral)
  • Défense nationale - pour Bases des forces Canadiennes (ministère fédéral)
  • Environnement et Changement climatique Canada - pour parcs national (ministère fédéral)

Information d'alerte d'urgence

Retour d'information d'alerte d'urgence.