Mitigation and Preparedness Program

The Mitigation and Preparedness Program is an optional program to assist municipalities to mitigate against future disasters. An MPP program is only established for disasters that are cost-shareable with Canada and when a DFA program is approved by the Manitoba government.

Municipalities will be notified that there is an approved MPP to which they may apply.

When Manitoba establishes a DFA program that is eligible for cost-sharing with Canada under the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements, municipalities would have the option to either:

  • Pay the Provincial/Municipal DFA deductible, or
  • Opt in to the Mitigation and Preparedness Program (MPP)

Under the MPP, municipalities will receive 100% of eligible DFA costs back from Manitoba, and are required to invest the amount that would have been the deductible into an approved disaster mitigation and preparedness project.

Mitigation and Preparedness Program