Accessibility Compliance Secretariat

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) is provincial law, with accessibility standards acting as regulations under law. As each new accessibility standard is introduced, there are new requirements and deadlines for affected employers, organizations and businesses.

Manitoba’s Accessibility Compliance Secretariat monitors compliance of accessibility legislation among stakeholders in the private, non profit and public sectors. The Secretariat also works with organizations to raise awareness about accessibility, and enforce compliance of legislative and regulatory requirements.

Some accessibility requirements vary across sectors and by the size of an organization, and some sectors have more time than others to comply with accessibility standards: Learn more about compliance requirements and deadlines.

An accessibility compliance framework describes the different steps in the compliance process. The first step focuses on education to help organizations achieve and return to compliance. To this end, the Secretariat works with numerous partners in the public, non-profit and private sectors to inform organizations about the legislation, share practical tools and resources, and provide accessibility training.

As The Accessibility for Manitobans Act is not complaints based legislation, individual complaints are not investigated and mediation services are not offered. However, feedback from the public is recorded and used to identify trends that inform compliance and awareness raising efforts.