Financial Benefits and Assistance

The Department of Families administers a number of financial benefit, subsidy and supplement programs throughout the province. These programs include:

Persons with Disabilities

Manitoba Supports for Persons with Disabilities (MPSD)

The MPSD program is an income support program for persons with severe and prolonged disabilities. MPSD provides enhanced financial benefits, reduced red tape and other benefits tailored to the unique needs of persons with disabilities.

This program launched in full to the public on April 1, 2023. All Manitobans may now make application to this. Please visit the Manitoba Supports for Persons with Disabilities website for more information on the new program, including how to apply.


Child Care Subsidy
The Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Program provides financial support to eligible families to help with the cost of child care for children from 12 weeks to 12 years attending licensed early learning and child care centres or homes. For families that apply and qualify, the program pays part of the child care fees to the licensed child care facility and the family pays the rest. Eligibility depends on various factors including income; the number and age of your children; the number of days required for child care; and the reason child care is needed. Provincial Services is responsible for the adjudication and administration of the ELCC Program child care subsidy application process. Learn more about Child Care Subsidy.

Employment and Income Assistance
The Employment and Income Assistance Program (EIA) provides financial assistance to Manitobans who have no other way to support themselves or their families. This includes benefits from the Rent Assist Program that help with housing costs. For people who are able to work, EIA will help them go back to work by providing supports to employment. Learn more about EIA, and about service locations in Winnipeg and in Rural and North regions.

Manitoba Child Benefit
The Manitoba Child Benefit (MCB) provides financial assistance to low-income parents not receiving EIA to assist with the cost of raising their children. Learn more about the Manitoba Child Benefit.

The Canada-Manitoba Housing Benefit
The Canada-Manitoba Housing Benefit (CMHB) is a benefit paid to eligible renters who need assistance paying for their core housing.  The benefit can be used anywhere in Manitoba. It is cost matched by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Manitoba government, and is also delivered by the government.  The benefit reduces or eliminates housing needs in vulnerable populations by providing financial assistance.

The benefit offers assistance to three vulnerable populations who need additional help with housing costs:

  1. youth transitioning, or youth who have recently transitioned out of the care of the child welfare system
  2. people who are at risk of homelessness or who are homeless
  3. people living with mental health and addiction issues in designated housing buildings


Children's Opti-Care Program
The Children's Opti-Care Program helps families, who already receive the Manitoba Child Benefit (MCB), pay some of the cost of their children's glasses. The program only applies to glasses that are bought in Manitoba. Learn more about the Children's Opti-Care Program.

Disability and Health Supports Unit
The Disability and Health Supports Unit (DHSU) has responsibility for the review of disability and health related supplies, equipment, and nutritional and diet supplements for Manitobans enrolled in the Employment and Income Assistance, Children’s disABILITY Services and Community Living and disABILITY Services programs. Learn more about the DHSU.

Health Services
The Health Services program provides dental, optical and chiropractic benefits to individuals enrolled on Employment and Income Assistance or children under the care of a child and family service agency. Questions about the services provided should be directed to a client’s health care professional or their case coordinator/counsellor. Learn more about Health Services.


55 PLUS - A Manitoba Income Supplement
The 55 PLUS Program, a Manitoba Income Supplement, provides quarterly benefits to lower-income Manitobans who are 55 years of age and over and whose incomes are within certain levels. Learn more about the 55 PLUS program and how to apply for benefits.

School Tax Assistance for Tenants 55 Plus (STAT 55+)
Provides rebates to eligible tenants over the age of 55 to offset the school tax portion of rent costs. Learn more about the STAT 55 Plus rebate.


Manitoba Housing - Social Housing
The program provides low-income Manitobans in the greatest need with subsidized housing.  Manitoba Housing provides a range of quality housing such as apartments, townhouses, duplexes and houses for individuals, families and seniors.

Rent Assist
Rent Assist is a financial benefit for eligible low-income private renters who are spending a large amount of their monthly income on their rent. Learn more about the Rent Assist benefit.

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