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Children's Opti-Care Program

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The Children's Opti-Care Program helps families, who get the Manitoba Child Benefit (MCB), pay some of the cost for their children's glasses.


For families who get the MCB, the average Children's Opti-Care Program benefit is about $84 per child, per year. If your child has special vision needs, the benefits may be more.

Claims for this program can be made once every three years. If your child's prescription changes or your child outgrows his or her frames, you may be able to claim more often.


To get benefits through this program, you must:

  • be a resident of Manitoba
  • have children under the age of 18 who live with you
  • get the Manitoba Child Benefit for the child who needs the glasses

You may not get benefits through this program if:

  • you have coverage for glasses under any other health insurance program (ex: Rewarding Work Health Plan, First Nations Insured Health Benefits, Manitoba Blue Cross)
  • you make a claim more than 14 months after the glasses were paid for


To apply for the Children's Opti-Care Program, you must fill out a Children's Opti-Care Claim Form and send it to the contact information below.
  • Claims made more than 14 months after the glasses were paid for will not be paid.
If you need to apply for the Manitoba Child Benefit, complete a Manitoba Child Benefit (MCB) application form; or call the number below.

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*If you are looking for information about the Canada Child Benefit, please contact 1-800-387-1193