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About Family Doctor Finder

Getting Started

Family Doctor Finder is designed to connect you and your family with a home clinic, providing you with a home base for your health care needs. Here is information to help you understand how the program works. You may also want to consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

How the Program Works

If you are looking for a home clinic, Family Doctor Finder can help you find one.

When you register with Family Doctor Finder, provincial registration staff will ask you to provide some information about yourself and basic preferences regarding care. Once you are registered you will be given a client request number. Regional Family Doctor Finder staff will contact you, work with you to find a home clinic, and are available to discuss your individual needs.

There are two ways to register with the program:

  1. Online - click here.
  2. By phone: 204-786-7111 (in Winnipeg) OR toll-free 1-866-690-8260; TTY/TDD call 774-8618 or Manitoba Relay Services toll-free 1-800-855-0511.
Regional Family Doctor Finder Staff

Every health region has staff who focus on connecting people to a home clinic that can provide a base for their health care needs. Outside Winnipeg, these staff are known as primary care connectors. Once you register with the program, regional Family Doctor Finder staff contact you, work with you to find a home clinic, and are available to discuss your individual needs.

Protecting Your Privacy

When you register with Family Doctor Finder, Manitoba Health collects basic information such as your name, date of birth, sex, Personal Health Information Number (PHIN), address and contact information.

Health collects this information so that Family Doctor Finder can connect you to a home clinic. This information is shared with health region staff so that they are aware of your particular preferences, needs, and how to get in touch with you.

Health will protect your information in accordance with the privacy provisions of The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). Your information is being collected in accordance with Subsections 13(1), 13(2) and 14(1) of PHIA for your registration and participation in the program. For more information on PHIA, please call 204-788-6612 or email

Service delivery may be affected in light of COVID-19.
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