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How does the Family Doctor Finder benefit clients I am seeing?

Connecting people living in Manitoba to a home clinic helps to ensure that they receive ongoing care and support from someone who knows their medical history and health needs.

Having a home clinic that provides continuous coordinated care helps people to improve their overall health and wellness and prevent and manage health conditions.

The program provides an easy way for people without a home clinic to register and be connected to a home clinic that meets their needs.

How does Family Doctor Finder work?

People without a home clinic in Manitoba are able to register with Family Doctor Finder online OR by calling 204-786-7111 (in Winnipeg) OR toll-free 1-866-690-8260.

A Manitoba Health representative uses a database to record demographic and contact information, as well as some basic preferences regarding care.

Regional Family Doctor Finder staff receive this information and work with home clinics to connect program registrants an area that works for them.

How can I help?

Because you routinely connect with the public as part of your day-to-day operations, your program or site may be in an ideal position to help identify people who do not have access to a home clinic.

You can help connect your clients to a home clinic by providing them with the contact information for Family Doctor Finder. Business size cards, with information on how to access the program, are available to provide to clients, along with brochures and posters. You can also assist them with the registration process if necessary.

Are there Family Doctor Finder staff in my region?

Yes. Regional Family Doctor Finder staff are available in all health regions.

How can Family Doctor Finder work with me?

Regional Family Doctor Finder staff (including primary care connectors in health regions outside Winnipeg) are a point of contact in your area to help people find a home clinic in Manitoba. They work with home clinics in their region to connect them to practice supports and help the system to better meet people's needs.

Staff also work with provincial and local programs and services to encourage identification of people without a home clinic.

Regional Family Doctor Finder staff may contact you, your program or your team to figure out the best way to work together to connect people you may be seeing to regular care and support.

Where can I get more information or a supply of cards to provide to clients?

For more general information please call 204-786-7111 (in Winnipeg) OR toll-free 1-866-690-8260.

To order Family Doctor Finder business size info cards or other promotional material including client brochures, and posters, please visit and follow the steps to fill out and send in the order form. Please note that the Family Doctor Finder section and product numbers needed for the order form can be found under the category “Primary Care” in the Inventory Listing document.

Regional Family Doctor Finder staff may also have small quantities for distribution.




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