Public Health Information Management System

Manitoba's Electronic Public Health Record

The Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) is an integrated, electronic public health record used to improve and support management of immunizations and vaccine inventory in Manitoba.

PHIMS uses the Panorama application, which was developed in collaboration with public health professionals and partner organizations across Canada. These jurisdictions continue to collaborate to support and enhance the system.

PHIMS also has the capability to support communicable disease cases and outbreak management.

Current Use in Manitoba

Immunization management includes tools to create and manage immunization schedules and eligibility, such as:

  • A decision support tool that validates recorded immunizations and recommends when future immunizations should be administered
  • Electronic interfaces that:
    • Maintain provincial client demographic information
    • Connect the Claims Processing System and the Drug Programs Information Network to ensure vaccines administered by physicians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners are captured in the immunization registry.
    • Send immunization information to eChart Manitoba so that immunization information is available to authorized health-care providers when needed.
  • Tools for planning mass immunization clinics, documenting consent, and vaccine safety surveillance.
  • Reports

PHIMS replaced the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) as the provincial immunization registry in 2015.

Inventory management

  • Monitors vaccine and supply inventory locally, regionally and provincially
  • Supports cold-chain monitoring during storage and transport
  • Ensures distribution and sharing in case of a vaccine shortage.


PHIMS provides public health professionals with key information to provide public health services to Manitobans.

Benefits include:

  • Improved communication to clients through immunization records and reminder letters that recommend when future immunizations are due.
  • Improved clinical decision-making by facilitating interpretation of complex immunization schedules to ensure providers recommend correct vaccines.
  • Real-time monitoring of immunization coverage, which is an essential component in overall management of vaccine preventable diseases and prevention of outbreaks.
  • Reports can identify populations that require improved coverage.
  • Improved vaccine safety surveillance through documentation and monitoring of adverse events following immunization.
  • Product recall of vaccines by identifying health care providers who received the product lot number being recalled.
  • Improved inventory management (reduced costs) due to:
    • Reduced wastage from vaccines expiring
    • Reduced over-ordering of inventory from better monitoring of stock
    • Re-distribution of vaccines when supply shortages occur

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Health care providers seeking additional information about the PHIMS application may contact:

Shared Health Service Desk
Phone: 204-940-8500 Toll Free: 1-866-999-9698

Fax: 204-940-8700