Moving Forward with Schools Nutrition Guidelines (2014)School nutrition policy creates supportive school environments for healthy food choices designed to improve the nutritional intake of students, provide students an opportunity to practice what they learn in the classroom, demonstrate that schools value student health and contribute to the primary prevention of chronic disease.

Moving Forward with School Nutrition Guidelines (2014)

Moving Forward with School Nutrition Guidelines (2015) One of the key focus areas of Manitoba’s Healthy Schools Initiative is healthy eating. Healthy Schools and the Manitoba Healthy Food in Schools initiative are always looking at ways to support schools in promoting healthy eating and helping students develop healthy relationships with food.

In 2006, the Manitoba government released the Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook: Getting Started with Guidelines and Policies. This new document, Moving Forward with School Nutrition Guidelines, was released in February 2015 and replaces the 2006 Guidelines.  The Guidelines apply to foods sold in schools or provided by schools in Manitoba and are divided into six areas of focus:

Approaching school food and nutrition in a comprehensive manner ensures:

  • Classroom curriculum is respected
  • Resources are used in an efficient way
  • Contradictory messages are minimized

** These guidelines are not intended to evaluate the food students bring or parents send to school. **

Manitoba Healthy Food in Schools provides complimentary services and resources to all provincially funded schools to promote healthy eating and to create a positive school nutrition environment in a comprehensive way.