River Point Centre

A few short years ago, a new centre emerged from the site of former Sharon Home Seniors’ Centre at 146 Magnus Avenue, helping to revitalize the neighbourhood and bring important services to the area. Since the renovation, the centre has worked to provide housing for individuals who are creating a better life for themselves and their families through recovery. The centre includes treatment programs and other healthcare and client services.

The renovation has succeeded in replacing roofs and effectively repurposing old spaces. After a near $25 million investment, the preliminary concept of the newer site includes a central kitchen as well as treatment facilities.


Sharon home beds donated to hospitals in Africa


As part of an effort to recycle and reuse as much as possible 99 hospital beds like this one, from the former Sharon Home were donated and shipped to hospitals in Uganda, Africa. (PDF)

interior camera

Lighting and security cameras have been installed inside and out for everyone's safety.

Security camera at River Point


Exterior east side back




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