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  • Assistance During an Evacuation form (PDF): These forms are completed at the time of lease signing to see if a person would need assistance getting out of their home in case of an emergency evacuation. These names are listed in the fire safety plan for each building.

  • Commercial Parking Agreement form (PDF): This form is used if a tenant living in a Manitoba Housing building complex has a vehicle and requires a parking stall.  Parking is charged in addition to rent and is due the 1st of the month along with the rent.  The vehicle has to be in running condition and cannot be parked there if it is derelict.  If parking fees are not paid or people are parking illegally without an agreement in place Manitoba Housing has the right to tow the vehicle.

  • False medical alarm warning letter (PDF): Letter sent when a false medical alarm has occurred.

  • Flood Preparation letter (PDF): Letter outlining how to prepare for flooding that is sent to all tenants who may be affected in the event that flooding may or will occur.

  • Move in Appointment letter (PDF): Property Manager sends this letter if they can not reach the applicant by any other means, for example tenant does not have a phone.

  • Permission to Install a Window Air Conditioner (A/C) form (PDF): Tenants are required to request permission from their Property Manager prior to installing a window air conditioning unit. Not doing so could be a violation of their subsidy agreement.  The A/C unit has to be installed by a professional installer to make sure it complies with safety requirements.  The tenant is responsible for all costs involved in installing the air conditioning unit and removal when they are vacating the unit.

  • Property Manager Introduction letter (PDF): If a new Property manager is taking over a portfolio they will send this letter to the existing tenants to introduce themselves and provide their phone number, e-mail, work location.

  • Renovations and Removal of Materials Containing Asbestos letter (PDF): Letter sent to tenants informing them of an asbestos remediation project in their building.

  • Tenant Exit Survey (PDF): This document is a survey tenants can respond to about their experience living in Manitoba Housing, after they have exited their unit.