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The Manitoba Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) will be temporarily suspending our in-person (face-to-face) client services so that we may limit the exposure and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to our staff and clients. The Brandon MEP office is entirely closed to the public but we are able to accept in person debit or cash payments as normal in the Winnipeg Office. To further minimize risk to staff and clients, we do encourage clients to take advantage of making electronic payments through their financial institution or by Pre-Authorized Debit (select link below)

Pre-Authorized Debit form


The MEP offices remain open and we are committed to maintaining business as usual as much as is possible, and to minimize the effect any precautionary measures may have on the services we provide. There may be some delays with services and response times and we appreciate your patience.


The MEP is experiencing higher than usual telephone call volumes at this time. To assist us managing your inquiries we encourage communication and submitting of documents by email at


The MEP has committed resources to maintaining the timely delivery of support payments to creditors and to reduce any disruptions that may affect the delivery of support payments to creditors.

Payments may be interrupted if the debtor has been affected by COVID-19 related issues such as being laid off or being unable to work. The MEP will make efforts to work with debtors to maintain payments or to resume payments as soon as possible.


If you are a debtor and are financially affected by circumstances related to COVID–19, the MEP cannot change your support payments or Court order but may be able to suspend or partially suspend enforcement if suitable information is provided. Please select the link below to obtain additional information about an Administrative Suspension of Enforcement.

Administrative Suspension of Enforcement

Please note that assessment of enforcement and Administrative Suspensions of enforcement will be determined with the intent of meeting both the needs of those required to make support payments, and the needs of support recipients and families that may also be facing financial difficulties.

Maintenance Enforcement Program

Telephone: 204-945-7133
Toll Free: 866-479-2717
Fax: 204-945-5449

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) is authorized by The Family Maintenance Act to administer the spousal and child support obligations under the terms of a Court Order or Agreement. Once an Order or Agreement has been registered with the Program, maintenance payments that the Debtor/Payor would normally remit directly to the Creditor/Payee must be sent to the Program. The Program processes the payment, maintains an accounting record of the payment(s) and forwards the payment to the payee/creditor.

The Creditor/Payee is the person receiving the support payments. The Debtor/Payor is the person paying the support. 

Avoid Late Fees and Administrative Costs (pdf, 146kb)
Late Payment Information (pdf, 24.4kb)
Direct Deposit Form
Direct Deposit Exemption Form (pdf, 52.5kb)
Fax and E Mail Authorization


Making payments – Debtors

If you are a person that is required to make support payments, please select the “Making Payments – Debtor” link above to learn more about debtor involvement and responsibilities

Voluntary Payment Options:

MEP does not accept personal cheques.

Receiving payments – Creditors
The Maintenance Enforcement Program is set up to monitor and enforce court orders and separation agreements requiring payment of maintenance support to ensure the well-being of children and other dependents. If you are a person that receives support payments, please select the “Receiving payments – Creditors” link above to learn more about creditor involvement and responsibilities.

Registering with the MEP

Complete and submit a Registration Package. The Registration Package is available here and includes the following forms:

  • Identification Form
    • To provide contact information for yourself and the debtor including information that may assist with enforcement.
  • Statutory Declaration
    • To provide the amount of support that may be owing prior to registration.
  • Direct Deposit Form
    • To provide banking information for payments to be deposited directly into your account.
  • Fax and Email Authorization Form
    • To provide the MEP permission to communicate with you by fax or email.
  • Opt In Form
    • To confirm registration of the order with the MEP and collection of late payment penalties.

Instructions are provided to help you complete the forms.

Additional Documents Required for Separation Agreements:

  • Original Support Agreement or Notarized Copy of the Agreement - A Support Agreement must be registered in the Court of Queen’s Bench by the program to administer any maintenance support provisions.
  • Statutory Declaration - Separation Agreement

For additional information please see Registration Information.