When a Company is the Registrant, Owner, Additional Owner

Where a registrant, owner or additional owner is a company, then the company must be represented by either a director or a person authorized to act on behalf of the company to:

  • apply to the Court for a hearing to revoke the impoundment
  • get an approval signature from the police agency
  • claim the vehicle from the impound garage

If the driver is also the owner of the company, the driver may not represent the company in the hearing, if the offence was

  • Over .08
  • Over .16
  • Refusal
  • Refusal FST
  • Refusal DRE

The Court, police agency and garage keeper require written proof that the person representing the company is authorized to do so. A director may provide the Court, police agency and garage keeper with a copy of the Articles of Incorporation. A person not listed in the Articles of Incorporation must provide the Court, police agency and garage keeper with a letter, on company letterhead, from the company confirming the authorization.

Leasing Company

As owner of the motor vehicle, a leasing company has the right of a hearing to revoke an impoundment. However, the Justice will only hear the application for revocation if the leasing company proved to the Justice that the motor vehicle was being repossessed.