Employment Standards

Employment Standards staff help employees and employers learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Questions about the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in Manitoba? Call our general inquiry lines at 204-945-3352 or toll free in Manitoba at 1-800-821-4307.

Claims and application forms can be submitted electronically to the Employment Standards email address indicated on those forms.


Effective December 12, 2020, retailers are allowed to stay open later on Sundays and holidays. The Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act (RHBCA) has been repealed eliminating province-wide restrictions on retail businesses’ ability to be open on holidays and Sundays. Businesses are no longer required to close after 6 p.m. on Sundays and certain holidays and can set their own hours of operation.

Municipalities have the authority to regulate retail businesses within their jurisdictions if they prefer to keep some restrictions in place.

Rules for Remembrance Day are not affected by the Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act having been repealed. 


On December 3, 2020, the Unpaid Leave for Reservists under the Employment Standards Code was amended to clarify when a leave can be taken and reduces the minimum period of consecutive employment required to be eligible for the leave from seven to three months. Detailed information can be found here.

The Public Health Emergency Leave provides job-protected leave for employees who are unable to work due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For detailed information, please see the Public Health Emergency Leave fact sheet.

Manitoba introduced a temporary exception to Employment Standards Regulation to give employers more time to recall employees laid off as a result of COVID-19. For detailed information, please see the new Temporary Amendments to Termination of Employment fact sheet. 

The requirement for an employee to provide a certificate from a health professional in respect of a leave provided for in The Employment Standards Code is also temporarily suspended.


COVID-19 – Change to Service

The Province of Manitoba is taking steps to help manage and minimize the spread of COVID-19, including social-distancing measures.

Unscheduled drop-in services for the Employment Standards branch are not available at this time. Please contact us for assistance or to schedule an appointment.

We are pleased to support you by phone at 204-945-3352 (in Winnipeg) or 1-800-821-4307 (toll free). You can also access our information and services online.


More information about COVID-19 and Manitoba workplaces is available at https://manitoba.ca/covid19/infomanitobans/workplaces.html.

For accurate, up-to-date, and fact-based information on COVID-19, please visit manitoba.ca/covid19

The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to help Canadians facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for details.

Minimum Wage 

Minimum wage is $11.90 per hour as of October 1, 2020.

Security Guard Minimum Wage is $12.50 per hour. 

Construction minimum wage rates for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) and Heavy sectors are contained in the Regulations to The Construction Industry Wages Act.