Page Program



The Program is designed to:

  • allow Grade 11 and 12 high school students who are developing an interest in the legislative process or in public affairs, the opportunity to see first hand, how public policy is decided by Manitoba's Legislature; and
  • provide essential services to the Members and Officers of the Legislature.

Selection Process

Each year, the Legislature assembly invites Superintendents and Principals to nominate students whom they would consider suitable for appointments as Pages. The Principals are asked to forward the names of their nominees to the Superintendent of their division. The Superintendent will then select up to three candidates and forward these names to the Clerk’s Office. Any eligible student interested in serving as a Page should contact the Principal of their school.

The final selection process involves an appraisal of all the nominees through interviews conducted by the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Deputy Sergeant-at- Arms and a Human Resources Officer.

Ten applicants are chosen each year to serve as Pages. Successful applicants are provided with training, uniforms, and instruction manuals.


The Legislature may meet at anytime of the year but usually sits in March to June and again from October to December.

A Page is scheduled to work every third day the Legislature meets, requiring afternoon attendance, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the Legislature meets mornings (except during Throne Speech and Budget Debate) and afternoons and on Fridays when the Legislature sits in the mornings (during Throne Speech and Budget Debate only).

A Page must also be able to work evenings when required for Committee meetings. On average Pages work 15 hours in each two week period.


The broad range of tasks a Page performs includes:

  • preparing for and cleaning up after each sitting of the Legislature;
  • distributing documents in the Legislative Chamber;
  • receiving and delivering items in and outside the Chamber as directed;
  • providing Members of the Legislative Assembly with available refreshments;
  • announcing Members' names for recorded votes;
  • rearranging certain Chamber furniture; and
  • similar duties in the Committee Rooms when required.


A Page must have an interest in the legislative process, be bright, alert, cheerful, attentive, confident, well groomed and well spoken. The student must be able to miss part of the school term without losing academic standing. A Page must also be able to arrange transportation to and from the Legislative Building.


Each Page is paid an hourly wage of $15.99

For further information please contact:

Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Room 237 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8
(204) 945-3636