Property Tax Inquiries


General Property Tax Inquires

Municipal and Northern Relations collects property taxes on behalf of the Northern Affairs communities and local school divisions. They are distributed to:
  • Northern Affairs Community Councils to cover the cost of municipal service provided to property owners
  • School divisions to cover the costs of education

How much is my tax bill? 

Your annual tax statement includes the amount of taxes owing as of the date of the statement. If you are making a late payment, you may have been charged with monthly interest. Please contact our office for the up-to-date outstanding amount by toll free number at 1-888-677-6621 or email and remember to include the roll number of the property.


How is my property tax calculated?

Property tax is based on the assessed value of your property. Manitoba Municipal and Northern Relations, Assessment Services branch assesses each property for both the land and the buildings of that property by comparing lot sizes, location, local improvements, building age, size, condition and the quality of the construction.


Property taxes that are collected are provided to school divisions for school taxes and the northern affairs communities to cover the cost of municipal service provided to property owners.


When are my taxes due?


The due date for property taxes is September 30th. Late payments are charged with a monthly interest of 0.6%. For more details about outstanding payments, please contact our office by toll free number at 1-888-677-6621 or email


To provide relief during the pandemic, the Manitoba government waived interest between March 2020 and May 2020.


How do I make a property tax payment?

You can choose one of the following methods of payment:
  • Internet/Online Banking and Telpay through your local bank or credit union.

Payee name: Manitoba IMR Property Tax. The account number would be your municipality number plus your roll number which you can find on your tax bill. It should be a total of 12 digits. Example: Municipality number: 702, Roll number: 0123456.000, In this case, delete the first zero in the roll number. Account number is 702123456000.


The most efficient way to pay your property tax bill is to make an online payment. Some payments may take 2-3 days. If you have questions about the on-line banking process, please contact your bank for further assistance.

  • Cheques and Money Orders by Mail, including postdated cheques. Please make cheques payable to Minister of Finance as well as indicating your roll number to where the payment is being applied. Please send your cheques to:

Property Taxation
Manitoba Municipal and Northern Relations
400-352 Donald Street
Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2H8

  • In office payments such as:
    • Cash: Please do not mail
    • Debit: No credit cards are accepted
    • Cheques and Post dated Cheques: Payable to the Minister of Finance
    • Address:  Municipal and Northern Relations, 59 Elizabeth Drive, Thompson MB

Please note that, as a result of social distancing due to the pandemic, the office may not be open to in-person payments without an appointment. Please call our office by toll free number at 1-888-677-6621.

Please note that it is very important to identify the correct roll number of your property to ensure that your payment is recorded in an accurate and timely manner. If payment is for multiple properties, please provide the roll number for each individual property.


What happens if property taxes are not paid?

Payment of property taxes is a legal obligation of property owners, as taxes are the means by which local residents contribute to the cost of education and local services in their community. Failure to pay taxes result in a loss of revenue, impacting the communities’ ability to provide municipal services such as water, sewer, and waste disposal.

In addition, failure to pay outstanding taxes may result in:

  • Your property being placed in tax sale
  • Further legal action taken by the provincial government


I paid my property tax bill but I have not received my receipt.

Effective August 2020, tax receipts will be provided only for in-person payments (including cash, debit, and in-person cheques). We will no longer be providing tax receipts for other types of payments (e.g. online banking, cheques through mail and telepay). For these payments, please keep your banking confirmation number for records, as that will be your proof of payment. If you require a receipt for a specific purpose (e.g. tax return or property sale), please contact our office by toll free number at 1-888-677-6621 or email


How do I change my mailing address in the property tax system?

Mailing address can be changed over the phone, subject to verification that you are the property owner. Please also contact the Land Titles and Property Registry Office through the toll free phone number 1-844-737-5684 or email to provide them with this information.


How do I change property ownership?

Please contact the Land Titles and Property Registry Office through the toll free phone number 1-844-737-5684 or email


What is the Education Property Tax Credit Advance (EPTCA)? How do I apply for it?


The Education Property Tax Credit is a credit for homeowners and tenants offsetting occupancy costs - property tax for homeowners and 20% of rent for tenants – payable in Manitoba. The Advance is the Education Property Tax Credit applied directly to the municipal property tax statement for homeowners.

The Education Property Tax Credit Advance can only be claimed on a homeowner’s principal residence. The maximum Education Property Tax credit is $700.00. If the EPTCA is not included in you tax bill, you can apply for the credit in the following ways:

  • If you notify our office before the printing of the property tax bill for the year, we could directly apply the credit to your tax bill starting in that year.
  • If you notify our office after the printing of the property tax bill for the year, you may claim the credit on your personal income tax return for that year and will receive the credit on your property tax bill in subsequent years.

I misplaced my tax statement/tax bill and I was wondering how I could get a new one?

Please contact our office to receive a duplicate copy of your tax statement. Proof of verification such as a roll number, owner’s information and address will be required for protection and privacy of the owner.

How do I contact your office?

Toll free number:        1-888-677-6621
Tax Email:         
Fax:                             204-677-6753
Mailing Address:

  • Cheque Payments and General Inquiries

Property Taxation
Municipal and Northern Relations
400-352 Donald Street
Winnipeg Manitoba  R3B 2H8

  • In-person payments (no credit card)

Municipal and Northern Relations
59 Elizabeth Drive
Thompson Manitoba  R8N 1X4