Municipal Finance and Advisory Services

The role of the Municipal Finance and Advisory Services Branch is to support strong local governments that can effectively respond to the changing social and economic environment in Manitoba municipalities. In order to do this, the Branch provides timely advisory and consulting services, financial support, and a relevant and enabling legislative and policy framework.
Principal programs include:
The following links provide important information for elected municipal officials and administrative staff:

Statistical Information for Municipalities
The 2017 Statistical Information for Municipalities in the Province of Manitoba is available to download at the following link:
Statistical information for Manitoba municipalities is an annual publication compiled from the audited financial statements of all municipalities.
Manitoba municipal financial statements conform to Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) financial reporting standards. The statements are consolidated for the municipality and its owned or controlled organizations, providing a comprehensive picture of the municipality’s financial position. 
This publication will only be available electronically and will provide regularly updated information to support program review and serve as a reference for municipal officials and other users.
Key 2017 statistics are available below:

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