A Workplace Safety and Health Manual for Your Community

Section I - General Requirements

A. Workplace Safety and Health Program Policy
  • Statement of Responsibilities
B. Community Harassment Prevention
  • Appendix I-B-1 Community Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention Policy
C. Community Ergonomic Plan
  • Appendix I-C-1Assessment Employee Inventory
  • Appendix I-C-2 Symptoms Survey
  • Appendix I-C-3 User's Guide to Filling in the Ergonomic Risk Factor Checklist
  • Appendix I-C-4 Risk Factor Definitions
  • Appendix I-C-5 Ergonomic Risk Factor Checklist
  • Appendix I-C-6 Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
  • Appendix I-C-7 Field Employees Risk Assessment Form
  • Appendix I-C-8 Confirmation of Assessment Completion Form
  • Appendix I-C-9 Signs and Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) Handout
  • Appendix I-C-10 Confirmation of Training Completion Form
  • Appendix I-C-11 Common Control Measures
  • Appendix I-C-12 Request for Funding Assistance
D. Violence Prevention
  • Appendix I-D-1 Sample Violence Prevention Policy
  • Appendix I-D-2 Sample Safe Work Procedures
  • Appendix I-D-3 Violent Incident Report Form

Section II – Health and Safety Management

A. Inspection Process and Hazard Recognition & Control System
  • Appendix II-A-1 Instructions for Completing Hazard Assessment Checklist and Corrective Action Form
B. Emergency Response Plan
  • Appendix II-B-1 Sample Emergency Phone Number List
  • Appendix II-B-2 Sample Floor Plan
  • Appendix II-B-3 First Aid Treatment Form
  • Appendix II-B-4 Community / Incident Report Forms
C. Plan to Control Chemical and Biological Hazards
  • Appendix II-C-1 Sample Inventory Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix II-C-2 Hazard Assessment Form
D. Contractor Safety
  • Appendix II-D-1 Contract Employer - Compliance Questionnaire
E. Investigating Incidents, Accidents, Dangerous Occurrences & Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
  • Appendix II-E-1 Community Incident Investigation Summary Report
F. Workplace Safety and Health Training Requirements
  • Appendix II-F-1 Orientation Record
  • Appendix II-F-2 Training Record
  • Appendix II-F-3 Student Training Record
  • Appendix II-F-4 Caretaker Training Record
G. Workplace Safety and Health Representatives (Employees & Management)
H. Program Evaluation and Revisions
  • Appendix II-H-1 Program Evaluation and Revision Checklist

Section III – Rules, Procedures, Practices and Guidelines

A. Signage and Markers
B. Safety Rules
C. Safe Work Procedures - General
  • G-1 Getting On or Off Equipment (3 point method)
  • G-2 Welding and Cutting
  • G-3 Pipefitting
  • G-4 Excavation
  • G-5 Trench Shoring
  • G-6 Barricades
  • G-7 Pumping Liquids
  • G-8 Personal Protective Equipment
  • G-9 Confined Space Entry
    • Appendix III-G9-1 Confined Space Entry Permit
    • Appendix III-G9-2 Confined Space Entry Log
    • Appendix III-G9-3 Potential Hazards Information Sheet
  • G-10 Working Alone or in Isolation
    • Appendix III-G10-1- Sample Working Alone or in Isolation Plan
    • Appendix III-G10-2 Sample Working Alone Daily Log
  • G-11 Lockout
  • G-12 Fall Protection
  • G-13 Oxygen and Acetylene Storage and Handling
  • G-14 Oxygen and Acetylene Leak Test
  • G-15 Oxygen and Acetylene Set Up
  • G-16 Oxygen and Acetylene Pre-Welding and Cutting
  • G-17 Emergency Eyewash Equipment
  • G-18 Pump Maintenance
  • G-19 Carbon Monoxide Airline Monitor Calibration
  • G-20 Tree Removal
  • G-21 Demolition Work
  • G-22 Roof Work
D. Safe Work Procedures - Tools and Small Equipment
  • TSE-1 Operating a Reciprocating Saw
  • TSE-2 Operating an Electric Power Drill
  • TSE-3 Lawn Care Equipment
  • TSE-4 Operating a Miter Saw
  • TSE-5 Operating a Circular Saw
  • TSE-6 Operating a Chain Saw
  • TSE-7 Operating a Table Saw
  • TSE-8 Operating a Drill Press
  • TSE-9 Using Portable Ladders
  • TSE-10 Changing a Grinding Wheel
  • TSE-11 Changing Saw Blades
  • TSE-12 Starting a Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor
  • TSE-13 Cordless Battery Powered Equipment
  • TSE-14 Assembling and Using Scaffolds
  • TSE-15 Rotor Tiller
E. Safe Work Procedures - Vehicles & Large Equipment
  • VLE-1 Jacking Vehicles
  • VLE-2 Clutch Set up
  • VLE-3 Greasing a Vehicle
  • VLE-4 Equipment Turn Off
  • VLE-5 Starting Equipment
  • VLE-6 Fuelling Vehicles or Equipment
  • VLE-7 Backing Up (Vehicles & Equipment)
  • VLE-8 Changing Oil
  • VLE-9 Changing Tires – Single Axle
  • VLE-10 Changing Ties - Dual Axle
  • VLE-11 Changing Tractor Bucket Blade
  • VLE-12 Operating a Grader
  • VLE-13 Operating a Tractor
  • VLE-14 Operating a Truck Box Hoist
  • VLE-15 Operating a Back-hoe
  • VLE-16 Operating a Garbage, Sewage or Water Truck
  • VLE-17 Operating All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • VLE-18 Powered Mobile Equipment
  • VLE-19 Operating a Loader
  • VLE-20 Operating a Riding Lawn Mower
  • VLE-21 Operating an Ice Resurfacer
  • VLE-22 Operating a Boat under 6 Meters with more than 7.5 kW or 10 HP
  • VLE-23 Operating a Snowmobile
  • VLE-24 Operating Equipment on Ice
F. Safe Work Practices
  • SWP-1 Manual Lifting
  • SWP-2 Hanta Virus
  • SWP-3 Proper First Aid to Prevent Infections
  • SWP-4 Vaccinations
  • SWP-5 Deep Fryers and Stoves
  • SWP-6 Working Near Overhead Electrical Lines
  • SWP-7 Asbestos and Vermiculite Exposure
  • SWP-8 Pregnant and Nursing Workers
  • SWP-9 Mould
  • SWP-10 Snow and Ice Accumulation and Removal
  • SWP-11 Electrical Safety