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The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for establishing and managing public infrastructure, including: provincial highways and roads, highway bridges and structures, water and flood control works, and northern airports and marine services. It develops, communicates and administers motor carrier regulatory and safety services. The department also oversees and coordinates emergency preparedness, emergency response and disaster recovery to prevent the loss of life and minimize damages to property and the environment.

2023 multi-year infrastructure investment strategy diagram

As per 2023 Multi-Year Infrastructure Investment Strategy

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Department Contacts

Contact Phone Email
Bridges and Highway Structures 204-945-3773 N/A
Emergency Management Organization 204-945-3050 emo@gov.mb.ca
Claims Investigator 204-945-1429 N/A
Construction Support Services N/A cssgeneralinbox@gov.mb.ca
Deputy Minister's Office 204-945-3768 dmMTI@manitoba.ca
Engineering Audit & Quality Control 204-945-5306 N/A
Environmental Services 204-945-4555 EnvandConsAdm@gov.mb.ca (Administration)
MITEnviServices@gov.mb.ca (Request for reviews)
Financial Services 204-945-4800 AdminServDivADM@gov.mb.ca
Highway Design 204-945-3660 HighwayDesign@gov.mb.ca
Highway Information  511 Roadinfo@gov.mb.ca 
Highway Operations - Capital Region 204-346-6266 HOCapitalRegion@gov.mb.ca
Highway Operations - Northern Region 204-622-2061 HONorthernRegion@gov.mb.ca
Highway Operations - Western Region 204-726-6800 HOWesternRegion@gov.mb.ca
Hydrologic Forecasting and Water Management 204-945-2121 MITWaterReview@gov.mb.ca
Information Technology & GIS 204-794-0238 ITGIS@gov.mb.ca
Infrastructure, Capital Projects Division  204-945-0782 icp@gov.mb.ca
Land Value Appraisal Commission 204-945-5455 or 204-945-2941 MuniBrdGenMail@gov.mb.ca
Licence Suspension Appeal Board/Medical Review Committee Board 204-945-7350 lsabmrcboards@gov.mb.ca
Manitoba Road and Traveller Information 511 Roadinfo@gov.mb.ca 
Materials Engineering 204-945-8982 N/A
Minister's Office 204-945-3723 minMTI@manitoba.ca
Motor Carrier Enforcement - CVSA Inspection Report Inquiries 204-945-3891 inspectionreport@gov.mb.ca
Motor Carrier Enforcement - Inquiries and Complaints 204-945-5085 N/A
Motor Carrier Enforcement Operations 204-945-6459 N/A
Motor Carrier General Information 204-945-3890 N/A
Motor Carrier Safety - Carrier Profiles 204-945-5322 or 1-877-340-9068 mcsafety@gov.mb.ca
Motor Carrier Safety - Safety Fitness Certificates 204-945-5322 or 1-877-340-9068 SFC@gov.mb.ca 
Northern Airports & Marine Operations 204-945-3421 NAMO@gov.mb.ca
Northern Region - Highway Operations 204-622-2061 HONorthernRegion@gov.mb.ca
Occupational Safety, Health & Risk Management 204-792-8323 N/A
Permit Services 877-812-0009 or 204-945-3961 permitservices@gov.mb.ca
Policy, Programs, and Regulation 204-945-4800 policymi@gov.mb.ca
Preservation and Support Services 204-583-1440 PreservationSupportServ@gov.mb.ca
Property Services 204-945-3660 PSB@gov.mb.ca
Provincial Waterway Authorization 204-948-4764 mitwaterreview@gov.mb.ca
Real Estate Division 204-945-2562 realestate@gov.mb.ca
Tendering & Contracts 204-945-3637 MIT.EO.Tenders@gov.mb.ca
Traffic Engineering 204-945-3781 trafficengineering@gov.mb.ca
Trucking Productivity Improvement Program 204-945-3961 (option 4) or 1-877-812-0009 TPIFProgram@gov.mb.ca
Water Infrastructure 204-945-8890 waterinfra@gov.mb.ca