Positions Eligible with Infrastructure (Upon Completion of Technology)


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Field Engineering Assistant (FEA)

  • The FEA position consists of the following: Aggregate Inspector, Density Inspector, Concrete Inspector, Checker, Benkelman Beam Reader, Flag Person, Project Assistant, Scale Person, Survey Assistant, Road Information Coordinator, and Spring Road Restriction Assistant.
  • The FEA reports to the project manager and receives Lead Hand direction from the Roadway Construction Technician. This position performs the above assigned functions while adhering to department standards, specifications, policies and procedures.

Roadway Construction Inspector

  • The Roadway Construction Inspector performs various engineering functions including roadway inspection, plant (asphalt/concrete) inspection, winter road inspection and survey. The position adheres to department standards, specifications, policies, procedures and sound survey practices.

Drafting & Permit Technician

  • The Drafting and Permit Technician prepares permit applications and site plans for submission to Access Management section for processing; performs various drafting duties, producing engineering drawings for the design and construction of highway projects.
  • The position responds to public enquiries and is responsible for ensuring department standards, policies and procedures are followed.

Roadway Construction Technician

  • The Roadway Construction Technician provides “Lead Hand direction” to department staff on a project site. This position performs moderately advanced technical and engineering related functions including survey, project coordination, roadway inspection and design.
  • The position reports to the Project Manager and is responsible for independent decisions related to hour to hour operations, insuring department standards, specifications, policies, procedures and sound construction and survey practices are followed.

Design & Drafting Technician

  • The Design and Drafting Technician performs various roadway design duties which include drafting, earthwork design and quantities, and developing Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • This position ensures department standards, policies and procedures are followed.