Construction Support Services


To provide expert technical service, advice, support and training for the department’s construction, maintenance and airports staff in a manner which incorporates quality, sustainability, fairness and consistency along with the protection of the public interest.

Our vision is to explore new and innovative ways to become more effective and efficient by modifying systems and processes that improve our services.

Construction Support Services is one of four branches in the Construction & Maintenance area that provides specialized internal services and support to ensure the timely and effective delivery of the construction, maintenance and preservation programs in accordance with consistent standards, specifications and procedures.


Construction Support Services provides expert and experienced technical training, consulting, specialized purchasing and evaluation services that ensure consistent quality of fairness in the delivery of highway construction projects.  To date, Construction and Support Services have implemented the department’s new design software (Geopak) and development of the support structure.  Other activities include a formalized co-op student recruitment strategy and incorporated development with potential future hires and as well developed a formalized recruitment and development strategy for Paraprofessionals.