Changes to Your Railway Line

To begin application in any of the instances below, email the railway safety officer or call 204-945-3890

Construct or Alter a Railway Line

A shortline railway operator who wants to construct a railway line or change an existing one must contact the railway safety officer to start the application. The proposed construction or alteration must be in the public's interest and comply with regulatory requirements and sound engineering principles.

Discontinue a Railway Line

A shoreline railway that would like to discontinue the operation of a railway line or a portion of the line must contact the railway safety officer to start the application. Once the process is complete, the shortline railway is responsible for removing all railway infrastructure within a reasonable time.

Exemption from Weekly Inspection

If there is a portion of track not being used for an extended time, and it has one or more signalized crossings, you may apply for an exemption permit. This excuses you from the weekly inspection requirement. All monthly and other periodic signal inspections must continue.

You must advise all affected traffic authorities when you apply, and when you receive the decision.

During the time covered by the permit, you will not receive any signal inspection and maintenance compensation from the Manitoba government for the affected signal(s). The permit expires on the stated expiry date, or the date on which regular rail operations resume, whichever comes first. The permit may not be extended or renewed.

For more information, contact the Railway Safety Officer by email or by calling 204-945-3890.